I Pity Nigeria

Written by DD Phil

Fear grips my heart when I see a crowd of people trekking home from a corner of a street. They are all moving towards my direction. I think they look very much like people migrating into our country. Maybe I should call them refugees. But, were they really what I took them to be? For I know my country is not a place where people would willingly come to reside.

Out ofrepparttar large crowd, I see a lady with a baby on her back smiling at me. As she comes closer, I discover she is a neighbor. I smile back at her, but with curiosity within me.

"Neighbor, where are these people coming from?" I ask. "From St. Matthew," she replies, as I look into her eyeballs with surprise. "What's happening in St. Matthew today?" I ask again. "Nothing, we just attendedrepparttar 125860 first mass," she answers. "You mean this is just a mass for a Sunday service?" "Yes," she says, nodding her head, still smiling.

I decide to keep a lookout forrepparttar 125861 second mass. The crowd was large too. The third mass hadrepparttar 125862 largest crowd of all. It could be said to doublerepparttar 125863 first and second mass.

Mind you. These wererepparttar 125864 only ones I saw that very day. I did not mention other churches in that same vicinity and other places. I live in a place where you'll find not less than five churches in a street with loud speakers mounted everywhere. And this so much affect our hearing. So we shout atrepparttar 125865 top of our voices, making signs withrepparttar 125866 fingers for easier communication.

My country is in a great mess. Imagine a place where milk and honey flow. Nigeria is blessed with oil and agriculture. A land blessed by God, for every Nigerian to enjoy. But, only some sets of individuals are rich. Why? Whenrepparttar 125867 Military were in power, I thought things were bad. But asrepparttar 125868 civilians came on, things became worse.

Actually, we all wanted democracy. We clamored for it. But as it is now, I no longer understandrepparttar 125869 meaning ofrepparttar 125870 word democracy. It sounds like it means "demonstration of craziness," because we've not experienced its benefits and it never favored us. Maybe we should go back torepparttar 125871 autocratic system.

I wish our past heroes who once ruled our nation, such as Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, The Right Honorable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Major General Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi, including other regional leaders like M.I. Okpara, Awolowo and Sarduana of Sokoto will come back to life. They will see that their labor for Nigeria was in vain.

Our new presidents no longer do anything right for this nation to develop. We no more serve our fatherland with love and strength; neither do we serve in faith. Evenrepparttar 125872 patriotic rhythm of our National Anthem has lost its value.

We do not "serve with hearts and might." Neither do we experience "peace and unity." Rather we experience tribal and religious wars. Inrepparttar 125873 Northern part of Nigeria, we constantly hear of Christians and Muslims killing themselves. Hatred for other religious groups has been our practice. Why?

The Potential Conundrum of Regulating Pay-TV

Written by Terry Mitchell

In last week's column, I arguedrepparttar merits (or ratherrepparttar 125859 lack thereof) of extending decency regulations to cable and satellite TV. This week, I'll point out just how much of a quagmire this would actually be and how difficult it would be to implement, regardless ofrepparttar 125860 merits. Regulating cable and satellite TV would not be as clear-cut as it might seem onrepparttar 125861 surface. Remember, we are talking aboutrepparttar 125862 regulation of indecency which, unlike obscenity, is protected byrepparttar 125863 First Amendment. The complexities of such an undertaking are quite formidable, to sayrepparttar 125864 least. There are several key issues that would have to be dealt with and overcome. Like they say,repparttar 125865 devil is inrepparttar 125866 details. For one thing, Congress would need to determinerepparttar 125867 scope of what is to be regulated. Would it be cable and satellite TV only or all forms of pay-TV? If Congress sets out to regulate all forms of pay-TV,repparttar 125868 term - "pay-TV" - would have to be legally defined. Besides satellite and cable, would it also includerepparttar 125869 new IPTV technology in which TV channels, programs, and movies are delivered to TV set-top boxes fromrepparttar 125870 internet? Would internet video viewed on a computer also be included? Or would everything originating fromrepparttar 125871 internet be automatically exempt? Would wireless pay TV services also be included? Would videos, whether rented or purchased, also be defined as a form of pay-TV? One could make a case for them being included because videos, both VHS and DVD, are ultimately played on a TV. What about video delivered by cell phone? Couldn't that also be considered a form of pay-TV? Now, if Congress decides thatrepparttar 125872 new regulations will only apply to cable and satellite TV, there are still problems. Would all channels on every cable and satellite TV system be regulated or wouldrepparttar 125873 regulations just apply torepparttar 125874 so-called "basic" channels. Wouldrepparttar 125875 term, "all channels", include pay-per-view and video-on-demand (VOD) programs and movies? If so, how wouldrepparttar 125876 safe-harbor hours be enforced with VOD, sincerepparttar 125877 subscriber determines whenrepparttar 125878 programs and movies play? If onlyrepparttar 125879 basics are to be included, some definition would be have to be devised to determinerepparttar 125880 difference between a basic and a premium channel. Would any channel that could be purchased as part of a package of channels be defined as a basic channel? If so, then most channels we currently think of as premiums would be included because they can be packaged together with similar channels. For example, HBO is sometimes packaged with channels like Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, or even other multiplexes of HBO. Or would basics be limited those channels available inrepparttar 125881 first tier or two? Since this packaging varies from one cable and satellite system torepparttar 125882 next, how would anyone know which channels arerepparttar 125883 real basics? Would premiums be limited to channels that could be subscribed to individually at an additional price? If that'srepparttar 125884 case, would a multiplex channel like HBO Signature will treated like a basic, since it cannot be subscribed to individually? Also,repparttar 125885 channels that one can subscribe to individually vary slightly from one cable and satellite system torepparttar 125886 next, so how would anyone know which channels arerepparttar 125887 real premiums? When things like that differ from one cable and satellite system to another, wouldrepparttar 125888 rules be based on howrepparttar 125889 majority ofrepparttar 125890 systems operate? Or would some other method be used to resolve this matter?

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