I Live

Written by Demetria Zinga

By Demetria Zinga

I stood still Inwardly fighting All that I had was taken away My heart as stone, cold as ice Another manís paradise Was my tomb.

I died. Inwardly fighting I thought never to see a brighter day I thought to recoil within my shell Forever my mind relivedrepparttar hell Of another manís paradise My death. My tomb.


I feltrepparttar 147937 heat of a light so bright Bursting its flame upon my life Giving me energy, giving me life Giving me strength for another fight

He's Faithful

Written by Demetria Zinga

Every morning I wake up torepparttar sound of chirping birds, singing their love songs to God. I often wonder how it is that birds are so cheerful, even on cloudy days. Whenrepparttar 147893 skies were overcast and I wanted nothing more than just to sleep, evenrepparttar 147894 sound of those cheerful birds didnít rouse me.

Sleep is a big word for me. A new mother of an active toddler, Iíve developed an appreciation for mothers of two or more children, especially, who have succeeded at parenting, despiterepparttar 147895 odds,repparttar 147896 challenges, andrepparttar 147897 struggles. They are an inspiration to me and help me to see what it means to be balanced.

I canít help but to ask God, ďokay, Lord, another day of work, work, work. How do you expect me to do this?Ē Working a full time job and balancing family life had been quite a challenge Ė both hectic, and nauseating at times. Wanting to give up atrepparttar 147898 end of each day, I only woke uprepparttar 147899 next morning to a nest of chirping birds, seemingly reminding me that Godís mercies are new every morning.

Iíve found that in spite ofrepparttar 147900 difficulties life brings, Godís presence is always there. He lets me know that He is with me and that Heíll never leave me lonely. Even in my daily challenges, which may seem minute and trivial to others, but obviously roadblocks to me, God is an ever present help. What a faithful Savior!

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