Written by Theolonius McTavish

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I LEFT MY TOES IN TUKTOYAKTUK -- Or, Tittynoping Tales from a Tavern Fox --

** Theolonius McTavish, a trivial talkingstock (an Old English term for an object of conversation) who inevitably forgetsrepparttar punch-lines to knock-knock jokes and consequently is rarely offered free drinks by pub patrons unless they are woebegone and desperate forrepparttar 150599 companionship of a somewhat cabobbled, copper-nosed cronk (i.e. a mystified, jolly-nosed, gossiping sort of soul who frequently inhabits smoke-filled haunts with bad lighting and belching balladeers asrepparttar 150600 only form of nightly entertainment)**

Being a mirthful mundivagant of sorts, I decided it was high time to don my gallant gumboots, garish gunnysack, and goose-down garb to take a gander at some far-flung places in need of my presence.

While some souls leave their hearts in San Francisco, I left another part of my anatomy somewhere else. If truth be told, I left my toes in Tuktoyaktuk, (along with a memorable meal of minute rice, mushy peas and milk pudding).

Why Tuktoyaktuk? Well why not! Any town with a tongue-twisting title like Tuktoyaktuk deserves to be visited … even by a six-water-grog, sky-boshing Scot like me. The fact that it’s situated in a godforsaken place, (actually it's a charming little northern outpost nestled conveniently inrepparttar 150601 dark deep-freeze and mooching muskeg of Canada), is a truly bonus.

Before departing on my jocular journey, I needed to know a little more aboutrepparttar 150602 “Land of Blizzards, Bugs & Beer”. Beingrepparttar 150603 second-largest nation on earth is one thing but having a conversation with a Canuck is quite another.

One piece of advice … begin every conversation with “So, how’srepparttar 150604 weather …over there …up there, or …down there anyway? Then be prepared for a scintillating pity pot story that capturesrepparttar 150605 essence of Canada -- where it’s blinking cold and wet outside, it's much too muggy or miserable to play outdoors, or it's downright dangerous to stick a toe outrepparttar 150606 door with allrepparttar 150607 blasted bugs or bears camping onrepparttar 150608 front porch.

A Few Tips On Comic Book Bags

Written by AAA-Collectables

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