I Know It Said Free But A Business Has Cost.

Written by Anthony Russell

The other day I was working on my web site and having a conversation with my eldest son about free offers. My son who I love dearly started on a conversation about a product that he wanted and it was free to get. Dad all you have to do is go here, do that, and its yours for free. Now I have three kids and one of my favorite sayings to them when I getrepparttar look afterrepparttar 116982 free offer is announced Free does not mean free.

Then my oldest son said, But Dad doesnt your web site say that it is free to sign up. Well yes it does but let me explainrepparttar 116983 difference between signing up for Free and Free as I see it. As adults we all know that there is something else to come. So after explaining it to my kids (his brother tried to make it torepparttar 116984 doorway). I thought I would post my thoughts onrepparttar 116985 subject. So here isrepparttar 116986 lesson that I tried to explain to my sons and would like to pass on. I will give yourepparttar 116987 short version:

Yes there are a lot of free sign up programs and promotions out there. But you have to be realistic about any offer you are thinking about. If it is a business then you should expect to have some kind of business cost. I have learned that if you put nothing in you get nothing out. Remember that all ofrepparttar 116988 costs are not just monetary they include your time, sweat, and effort. Just think ofrepparttar 116989 amount time you spent looking for a business opportunity that was of interest to you. Time spent researching and wondering onrepparttar 116990 business that you finally decided to do. I have seenrepparttar 116991 amount of money it takes to run a business with as little as 5 employees up to 200 plus. It takes a lot of time, work, money and effort to start and keep most businesses going. Some may take a minimal amount of money but still a lot of time, effort and patience. My main point to anyone is that for any Business whether on-line or off-line to succeed it will take a real effort on your part.

Now That You Have Subscribers, How Do You Keep Them?

Written by Dan J. Fry

Your gleaming with pride. You just finished a very prosperous list building campaign utilizing a combination of classified and E-Zine ads that have landed 1000 new subscribers to your opt-in list. But slowly you pride subsides to fear. What do I do now? How do I keep these people on my list?

This is a very common problem faced by anyone who markets onrepparttar internet. Fear not. With a bit of guidance and hard work your pride turned to fear will revert to self-satisfaction. Here is what you need to do.

Content. Content. Content. Need I say it again? The only mechanism you need to ensure is in place is to deliver high content information to your list on a regular basis. Be sure that some people will unsubscribe simply because they were only interested inrepparttar 116981 free giveaway you offered to get them onrepparttar 116982 list. It's O.K.. You don't want them on your list. The people who remain arerepparttar 116983 ones that are clearly interested to hear what you say.

So, content isrepparttar 116984 key and so content they should get. Where do you find content. Well you can write your own articles. Yes, I said write them yourself. Think back about your business. What is it that you know? What about that successful ad campaign you just ran? How about offering them a short e-course on running ads? Spend some time to come up with ideas and then sit down in a quite place and start writing. Don't grammar check or spell check anything yet. Simply write and letrepparttar 116985 ideas flow.

Afraid to write or just starting out in your business? There are many places online where you can find articles to publish at no cost to you. Many authors agree to distribute their work in exchange for exposure. Here are a few places to consider.

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