I Helped Exorcize a Spirit

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Actually I have 'helped' exorcize spirits more than once but this particular one could have beeen taken by science to prove that exorcisms are not weird and do not need dogma or fear to be used with them.

An Exorcism I Was Involved In:

While working at Ed Martin Olds and trying to get an alternative ISDN project offrepparttar ground; I made friends with a man my age named Bill Crawford. Bill took a month of observing me before he allowed I might be a sincere person. Discussions about psychic things had to be done in private due to a lay minister byrepparttar 151205 name of Herman Benge who wasrepparttar 151206 top salesman, and who liked to hold forth onrepparttar 151207 Bible and Jesus. During one of Herman's sermons he said something that I couldn't stomach. I succinctly suggested that he wasn't livingrepparttar 151208 life of Jesus and hadn't done any scholarly work to understandrepparttar 151209 origins ofrepparttar 151210 Bible andrepparttar 151211 intent ofrepparttar 151212 power mongers who wrote it. I said a little aboutrepparttar 151213 Holy Trinity being known in 'The Triune Nature of Man' from much more ancient times as well asrepparttar 151214 Macho domination ofrepparttar 151215 current Christian attitudes or 'war on women'. The import ofrepparttar 151216 soul and its' 'connectiveness' that makes it impossible for any one man to authoritatively speak FOR god seemed to appeal to Bill a great deal. God is more than any one man or even all of mankind collectively can understand in this physically oriented frame of reference and Herman was subject to needing answers or egoistic anthropomorphism. Bill made it clear that he agreed without jeopardizing his relationship with Herman. Herman took it very well and never seemed to hold a grudge as many Christians I have known often do.

Another man who worked with us at this car dealership started to come to my office away fromrepparttar 151217 other people and share many psychic things. His name was Tom Bellamy and he had been through by-pass surgery (Co-enzyme Q-10 reducesrepparttar 151218 need for such surgery substantially.) a couple of years before I met him. While underrepparttar 151219 surgeon's knife he experienced an Out of Body Experience or OOBE and had seenrepparttar 151220 white light. His experiences 'fit' withrepparttar 151221 work of Moody and Kubler-Ross who Sherry and I saw atrepparttar 151222 Shrine Auditorium as moderated by Father Justin Belitz.

Part of Tom's rehabilitation afterrepparttar 151223 operation had included bio-feedback therapy. This therapy mimics part ofrepparttar 151224 attunements of Yoga and led to him being able to sense many things of a psychic nature that were at odds with his prior beliefs. Many ofrepparttar 151225 things I spoke about resonated in his soul and he was also a knowledgeable numerologist. As a leader in his Catholic Church community and because his wife would consider no things related to spiritism he was limited in expressing or using these things in his life. He only spoke about these things with me at first and was even hesitant to talk to Bill in depth. He was a conservative man through years of having grown up in a religiously oppressive system but there is much wisdom in this concern for open discussion about spirits andrepparttar 151226 like, as we all know. The spirit ofrepparttar 151227 Inquisitions is, after all is said and done, 'still afoot' as another paranormal buff byrepparttar 151228 name of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was fond of saying.

Tomís wife was suffering from some unknown neurological ailment. A total of $250,000 had been spent trying to figure it out when we first began to talk about it. He had taken her torepparttar 151229 Mayo Clinic and McGill University in Montreal. Allrepparttar 151230 local 'experts' were befuddled and had no clue. The discussions of 'psychosomatic origins' are often just ways of avoiding real explanations by blamingrepparttar 151231 person for whatrepparttar 151232 practitioners refuse to admit they have little or no knowledge about. I listened torepparttar 151233 stories of how X-rays and other techniques found no causes yet everyone agreed there was a problem. Suggestions of alternative ways to cure and solverepparttar 151234 problem went nowhere. His wife would have nothing to do with spiritual 'healers' or other 'heresy'. I told Tom aboutrepparttar 151235 correlation ofrepparttar 151236 psychic points chart and acupuncture charts and a point onrepparttar 151237 upper arm where they meet.


Written by konstantin otto c. botschkowski

Character and Personality Inrepparttar defeated country, under military occupation and martial law, with unarmed police, two-armed assaulter invaded a house. Assaulters fastenedrepparttar 151124 peaceful residents onrepparttar 151125 chairs and they demanded jewels and money. Franciscorepparttar 151126 leader moistened seven year-old girl's clothes with alcohol and as he didn't getrepparttar 151127 jewels set fire inrepparttar 151128 girl's clothes. A military patrol passing close, hearingrepparttar 151129 girl's screams, invadedrepparttar 151130 house. One assaulter reacted and wounded a soldier and was killed by other soldier. Francisco was arrested and taken for attorney's office ofrepparttar 151131 court martial. An anthropologist PhD came torepparttar 151132 guard's room and wanted to seerepparttar 151133 defendant, after one momentrepparttar 151134 sergeant took her for a meeting room with round table and four chairs. Sergeant presented of left for right. Pedro. Francisco. Otto. The anthropologist sat down, she looked at Pedro, this chewed something and looked at eternity, Otto studied a manuscript and Francisco stared her and seemed to be willing to talk. Anthropologist beganrepparttar 151135 conversation with Francisco. After two hours entered attorney inrepparttar 151136 room and asked if he didn't cause inconvenience. Anthropologist answered: "It was not inconvenience, I had a conversation with Francisco. Francisco is a very educated person and of a kind, sweet, friendly and impressionable sincere soul, of spirit cultivated with larger care and luminous serenity and withrepparttar 151137 more noblemen feelings withrepparttar 151138 fellow creatures. Now I want to talk withrepparttar 151139 defendant". Attorney answered: "You already talked, defendant is Francisco".

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