"I Have Nothing To Say!" Overcoming The Fear Of Writing

Written by Penny Graham

You have worked hard on your business and nowrepparttar time has come. You keep reading that you should do it and allrepparttar 129306 benefits of it, butrepparttar 129307 thought terrifies you! You've been putting it off, but eventually you know you are going to have to do it. Okay so today isrepparttar 129308 day, after all nothing is being done putting it off and your fear certainly isn't getting any smaller. So this it, you are psyched and ready, poised with pen in hand or computer in front of you wait...and wait... You discover you only have one thought in your head at this moment "I have nothing to say!" You were afraid of this. How are you suppose to write any articles when your mind goes completely blank atrepparttar 129309 thought of it? Ok not completely blank, you have thoughts, but notrepparttar 129310 kind that are going to actually help you. These thoughts are your Fears and reasons why you think you can't do this.

Have you ever felt this way when you think about writing that first article? If so, I hope this article will help you overcome your Fear of writing.

The Biggest Fear - "I have nothing to say!"

You never know when a great idea will come to you. Keep a pen and paper handy. When you get an idea about what you want to say then Write it down. I like keeping a word processing window open so I can jot it down there under notes. Don't skip writingrepparttar 129311 idea down thinking you will remember it cause most ofrepparttar 129312 time you won't. If you start doing this, you can go back, look at those ideas, and be surprised how you can put them together to form an article.

Read other people's articles on "how to" write articles and this will give you something to go by and you won't feel completely lost when you start to write yours. You don't have to be an expert on something before you write an article. Just write about something you have experience in. Maybe you have experience in web design, so write about what you have learned. Write like you are talking to a friend. Wisdom and knowledge come through experience and that's all you are writing about is your own experience and what you've learned. Remember your first article doesn't have to be long. Short articles (300-800 words) can be helpful, ifrepparttar 129313 material is clear, concise, and torepparttar 129314 point.

"I'm Not A Writer!"

Guess what, you don't have to be a great writer to do this. The point is to keep your writing in a friendly conversational tone. You want to write torepparttar 129315 readers not at them. Decide what you want to write then write like you are talking to a friend. Don't worry about being perfect or editing at this point. You will go back, proofread, and edit later. The important thing is to getrepparttar 129316 words and ideas on paper-Just do it.

Filters-What They Are, How To Avoid Them

Written by Jennifer Turner


By Jennifer Turner

Filters arerepparttar extraneous words we use when attributing a thought or action to a character. Here are a list of a few ofrepparttar 129304 most common used:

He/She felt He/She heard He/She saw He/She smelled He/She tasted

and others, like:

He/She thought He/She believed He/She wondered

The latter three (and others like them) are really not as "bad" asrepparttar 129305 above 'sensory' list. As with any general writing 'rule' there are instances when a filter is actually needed, or works better than without it--such as there are sentences whererepparttar 129306 word "was" works better than any other word, although we're taught to avoid usingrepparttar 129307 passive form of that word.

The reason filters are considered unnecessary or bad forrepparttar 129308 story, is because it keepsrepparttar 129309 writer from reaching a depth of character they might otherwise obtain. It can also jerkrepparttar 129310 reader out ofrepparttar 129311 story and remind them they are reading, rather an experiencingrepparttar 129312 tale. For instance:

"She felt embarrassed by his lewd comments."

Could be written stronger, and giverepparttar 129313 character more depth if, you show this, rather than tell it: "She recoiled and averted her face, embarrassed by his lewd comments."

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