I Have Lots of Ideas, But No Idea!

Written by Terri Seymour

First of all I would like to explainrepparttar title a bit. I have talked with some people who would like to start an online business and have all these ideas rolling around in their head, but have no idea what to do with them. They have many interests, but really do not know how to organize these interests into a business.

I try to help people with this task by letting them know what steps to take to turn their interests into an online business.

One ofrepparttar 117856 first things you should do is write down all ofrepparttar 117857 things you are interested in:

flea marketing writing movies people antiques

The next thing you could do is write down exactly what you want to accomplish with your business:

earn a good living publish an ezine help people build a website

Now you want to kind of put these lists together and make a plan on how you can accomplish your goals with your interests. Your business could be a collectibles and antiques business. You could publish an ezine on antiques, how to buy them, where to get them, what to look for at flea markets and so on. Write informative, interesting articles on these subjects to put in your antique ezine. You could also include movie memorabilia and collectibles. By selling some of your products on Ebay, you could make a good income. On your site, you could also have a section where you help other people get started in similar businesses. The possibilities are endless! The more you organize your thoughts,repparttar 117858 more ideas you will get.

How To Build A Mailing List Of 100,000 FREE And Make A Huge Profit!

Written by Ross Reyman

There are hundreds of persons making up to 6-figure income running a mailing list groups overrepparttar Internet.

I have more success sending my ads out using these lists than any other method. There is a need for more lists forrepparttar 117855 benefit ofrepparttar 117856 advertiser as well asrepparttar 117857 profitability of those who run them.

Mailing lists are advertising lists that are Spam free. These lists work this way. The customer joins by agreeing to receive mail in return forrepparttar 117858 privilege of being able to send ads inrepparttar 117859 list. They are free to advertisers as well as those who want to start a list.

But this article is about starting your own mailing list so you can make more money. You can be successful followingrepparttar 117860 instructions below. First take a look at one at http://groups.yahoo.com /. Type in advertising or free advertising intorepparttar 117861 finder at this site orrepparttar 117862 sites below. Some literature calls these opt-in mailing lists.

Before I go further, I want to make sure that you realize that there are many failures due torepparttar 117863 fact that some do not want to work at it. However, you can win.

1) THE WINNERS. I talked to a couple in British Columbia, Canada about 18 months ago. They own 7 lists with over 100,000 total members. They told me that it took about 2 1/2 years to build and that they make a penny to three cents by daily mailing torepparttar 117864 lists. That would be $1000-$3000 per week. They mail different offers daily and sometimes 2 per day. They are constantly looking for new winners.

2) THE LOSERS. This person starts a mailing list, and thinks that they need only a link from their site and a listing inrepparttar 117865 directory fromrepparttar 117866 prime source. One year later, they have 32 members. The mailers better have good offers to make money. Usually, they don't.

YOU HAVE FOUND A PRIME SOURCE. I recommend that you start your first list at Yahoo. Some groups are harder to navigate. One complaint that I have with all lists thatrepparttar 117867 new customers should get a web based email address to getrepparttar 117868 mail that they will receive. Your can read those ads that you want, and deleterepparttar 117869 rest. The best email service is at http://bigmailbox.com.

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