I Have A Dream

Written by Nancy Hill

Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream.

My dream is...

· Of women lovingrepparttar uniquely beautiful bodies they were born with.

· Of no one wasting another minute of their short, precious life trying to diet into some skinny, impossible ideal.

· Of women in beautiful, curvy, womanly bodies fully ripe and gorgeously inhabited.

· Of women doing good work inrepparttar 149756 world and loving their families instead of obsessing about food and what size they wear.

· Of a world that no longer shamesrepparttar 149757 naturally curvy female body.

· Of bigotry toward body sizes fading away and becoming as unacceptable as bigotry toward skin color or race.

· Of children being accepting of varying body sizes instead of learning to make fun of each other.

· Of people enjoying food and loving life instead of depriving themselves and being miserable inrepparttar 149758 name of beauty.

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