I Hate To Say That I Told You So

Written by Bill Knell

I createdrepparttar Perverted Perfection Website at http://politics.billknell.com so that people could get another view of all things political. Apart from Left, Right or somewhere in between, there isrepparttar 147113 fact that politicians have been steadily increasing their control over our lives. That control has nothing to do with any ofrepparttar 147114 knee jerk issues or colorful people we love to hate on either side ofrepparttar 147115 aisle in government. Itís all about CONTROL and always has been.

Despite any moves in either political direction overrepparttar 147116 past twenty years,repparttar 147117 government has seized more control over everything you do. This is not about protecting you from terrorists, lowering or raising taxes or anything other then a power grab. Nothing illustrates this more thenrepparttar 147118 recent decision byrepparttar 147119 U.S. Supreme Court regarding a governmentís right to seize private property for public use.

Itís been a trend throughoutrepparttar 147120 nation. Huge tracts of privately owned land are seized by local cities, towns and villages and turned over to big box store developers. The idea is that everyone will benefit because more tax revenue will be generated by a big store thenrepparttar 147121 Johnsonís Horse Stable or Shelly Greenbergís two bedroom home. However, what happened torepparttar 147122 private property rights of those people? Given this decision, it would be almost foolish for anyone to buy any land unless itís part of some preplanned and approved subdivision. In short,repparttar 147123 government is now forcing people to live where they want them to. Itís social engineering, pure and simple.

When I first started my Website inrepparttar 147124 late 1990s, my concern was to make people aware that they were being used and manipulated by politicians with an agenda that serves their own purposes. Nowrepparttar 147125 chickens have come home to roost. Law after law is being proposed before Congress that will limit your right to live liferepparttar 147126 way you want to in a free society. A good example isrepparttar 147127 PAWS act. This legislation is supposed to protect animals. The idea is to bring all dog and cat breeders of any size underrepparttar 147128 control ofrepparttar 147129 federal government. It doesnít say that, but read it carefully. If you advertise or sell your pups online, you are their target. As if itís any surprise in a politically correct America, Rescue Groups are immune from this legislation.

Goldfish Feeding Tips

Written by Dane Stanton

Whatísrepparttar best food for your Goldfish?

Goldfish need food that is a combination of carbohydrates and vitamins to help them grow and fight disease. They particularly need vitamin A to make their colors look bright. They do need protein but just about 12% so that they can build muscle. Inrepparttar 147005 natural habitat, Goldfish mainly feed on plants. They eat a fiber diet that includes algae, grasses and aquatic plants inrepparttar 147006 natural environment. Thankfully you do not have to sweat much to provide them withrepparttar 147007 equivalent nutritional needs because you can get it offrepparttar 147008 shelf! These processed food available at pet stores include:

Flake food

This is one ofrepparttar 147009 commonly available goldfish foods, especially made for them and it consists of brine shrimp. It is easily eaten by Goldfish and helps in avoiding a particularly fatal sickness calledrepparttar 147010 Air Bladder Disease.

Pellet food

This is also flake food with brine shrimp but itís packaged as a pellet. The only problem with pellets is that it sometimes swells inrepparttar 147011 goldfishís stomach and makes it lose its balance. This is what isrepparttar 147012 Air Bladder disease.

Frozen food

This includes live food that is frozen. You have an array to choose from as in frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms or mosquito larvae. This will come frozen in slabs from which you have to break off bit-by-bit and hand-feed your goldfish. You can also opt for Freeze-dried foods, which includes Krill, Pacific plankton, brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Homemade food

If you really want to makerepparttar 147013 food for your goldfish and you haverepparttar 147014 time you can do so. You will find that their favorites are lettuce and peas. Take any type of lettuce, which would be easy forrepparttar 147015 goldfish to chew on and digest. Wash and rinserepparttar 147016 lettuce in warm water and just clip it insiderepparttar 147017 tank with a lettuce clip. Do not cookrepparttar 147018 lettuce. As forrepparttar 147019 peas, cook them till they are soft and refrigerate them. At feeding time, peel offrepparttar 147020 skin and mash a pea between your fingers and drop it inrepparttar 147021 tank. Do make surerepparttar 147022 peas are soft or you could end up bloating your goldfish. Goldfish enjoy plant food and thatís why you can see them happily nibbling away at Anacharis and Romaine lettuce or pieces of cucumber and zucchini which you should make sure to clip on torepparttar 147023 tank with a suction cup clip

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