I Did It: Six Months to a Successful Website

Written by The Gift Wizard

For years now I've been looking to start my own business, but my highest priority has always been to spend less time working, and more time with my family, while still giving them everything they need (and most of what they want). It's a common dream, right? No boss to answer to, less stress, more vacation, more quality family time... I wanted to get away fromrepparttar 9 to 5 andrepparttar 140166 traffic. (I bet you do, too.)

So, I started to research various business opportunities. I looked into franchises of all sorts, butrepparttar 140167 money I had to invest upfront was way too much (thousands of dollars, at a minimum), which maderepparttar 140168 idea too risky - I couldn't risk my family's financial well-being on a dream of mine. I was even close to falling for various MLM schemes. Luckily I never made it that far. Whenrepparttar 140169 Internet became more and more prominent in, well, society in general, it just became something I couldn't ignore anymore. So I did some more research, this time on creating a website. I began to likerepparttar 140170 idea, for many reasons:

1. I could start it with little $ invested (so, hardly any risk) 2. I could start it while I was still in my 9 to 5 job (again, no burden on my family financially) 3. I could chooserepparttar 140171 subject ofrepparttar 140172 website (and focus on something that I enjoyed)

It was then that I decided to use choosing gifts (something I enjoy) asrepparttar 140173 basis for my site. But then I had to figure out exactly HOW to create it. There's a lot involved (much that I didn't know atrepparttar 140174 start): domain registration, hosting, page creation, search engine submission, keywords, titles, descriptions, site promotion... whew! At first it seemed like way too much to handle, and withrepparttar 140175 massive amounts of websites out there (60 million and counting) I feared my site would just get lost inrepparttar 140176 crowd (so what'srepparttar 140177 point). I almost gave uprepparttar 140178 idea altogether.

How Selling Vitamins can bring your Financial Freedom

Written by Randy Wilson

Most people are becoming more health conscious. Many ofrepparttar baby boomers are looking for ways to look and feel younger. This is where selling vitamins comes in.

Vitamin sales are growing each year, and as people become more health conscious, it will continue to grow. This is why so many people who want to work from home are looking at a vitamin business opportunity as an option. It is very likely to succeed.

There are many ways to start a vitamin business. Some require very little up front money, while others require a substantial investment. Researchrepparttar 140111 companies and find one that suits your needs best.

When you begin your search, decide if you want to work with people in your community, onrepparttar 140112 internet or both. Many vitamin business parent companies are based onrepparttar 140113 business owner working personally with people. They wantrepparttar 140114 business owner to get clients to buyrepparttar 140115 products and other people into business. This option usually has large start up costs. You are required to have inventory on hand for your clients. Depending onrepparttar 140116 number of clients andrepparttar 140117 amount of space in your house, this may or may not be a problem.

Some offer training, support, and tools to help, but you will have a lot of footwork to do yourself. Your main advertising campaign will be word of mouth. However, you can ask local gyms, salons, and spas if you can leave flyers or brochures at their front desk. However, your happy clients will do more for your vitamin business inrepparttar 140118 end.

As mentioned, some of these parent companies ask you to sign up other people for selling vitamins under your guidance. You should not view these people as competition, but as an additional source of income. Everything they sell andrepparttar 140119 people they sponsor add to your income. These companies are Multi Level Marketing companies and with hard work, you can make your vitamin business very profitable.

Many companies offerrepparttar 140120 ownerrepparttar 140121 option of purchasing a web site. This helps your business grow with an extended, possibly international, clientele. You will also usually get other people interested in selling vitamins to sign up under you.

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