Written by Bob McElwain

Commonly we hear that a one or two percent CR (Conversion Ratio) is good. By this is meant that one or two visitors takerepparttar desired action in accordance withrepparttar 131958 site purpose. Perhaps they make a purchase, request further information, or download a file.

Such numbers mean different things to different people. Many sites would be dismayed by a CR of less than ten percent. Still others, particularly those selling high ticket items, may be quite content with a CR of 0.1%. Whatrepparttar 131959 CR for your site ought to be, depends uponrepparttar 131960 site purpose. For example, it's easier to generate leads than to sell product. Thus you would expect a better CR in lead generation than in selling.

CR And Newcomers

If you're new torepparttar 131961 Web or have only recently opened a site, you may not have enough visitors or sales to figure what your CR is or ought to be. The bottom line is that hits are hard to get, andrepparttar 131962 task is far more difficult for a new or relatively new site.

So What Should Your CR Be?

As suggested, it is a function ofrepparttar 131963 site purpose. As an example, assume you have opened a site and are selling an ebook at $20 per copy. Further assume it's a dandy book with great content of interest to many. And one that over-delivers big time.

In theory, you should be able to generate one to two sales per 100 visitors (1% - 2% CR). In practice, it may be an unrealistic goal. The inconsistencies between groups of only 100 can mislead.

The Makings Of A Great Site

Let's assume you have taken a practical view toward your site. And that it is all working well. You have great content that even now is beginning to draw traffic. And you have other products, perhaps an affiliate program or two, besidesrepparttar 131964 ebook.

Given this model, hits onrepparttar 131965 site do not relate directly torepparttar 131966 CR for your ebook. You need to look atrepparttar 131967 hits onrepparttar 131968 page which containsrepparttar 131969 sales presentation ofrepparttar 131970 book. Then consider sales relative to this count.

To put this another way, it may require 1000 hits on your site to generate 100 hits on your sales presentation. If these hits bring two sales, your CR is 2%. However, relative to your site which received 1000 hits, ebook sales amount to only 0.2% on total hits.

1000 Hits? That's A Lot!

You bet it is. And if you're new torepparttar 131971 Web, you may not yet have received this many in total. Growing targeted traffic isrepparttar 131972 most difficult task there is in doing business online. It takes time, a lot of learning, and above all, patience.

So What Can You Do Meanwhile?

Continuously examine all aspects of your site, withrepparttar 131973 goal of directing more visitors down paths to sales.

* Does your content at least indirectly point to a path which leads to a sale? * Canrepparttar 131974 sales presentations be improved?

"Sometimes Having It Shorter Is Better!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Sometimes having it shorter is better.

At least that is true when it comes to your web site address.

Have you ever joined one ofrepparttar many affiliate programs that creates a web site address, URL, for you to promote them that is longer than evenrepparttar 131956 best stretch limousine in town?

Even though all you have to do is click on it to get to where you want to be, when a URL looks like it is two blocks long, it takes away fromrepparttar 131957 message of your ad copy.

Worse still, many surfers take it upon themselves to visitrepparttar 131958 web site you are promoting but ONLY after they remove your affiliate information.

This defeatsrepparttar 131959 whole purpose of your promoting an affiliate web site. It can cost you time and money.

So what isrepparttar 131960 solution?

A URL Redirection Service.

Better still, isrepparttar 131961 use of a FREE URL Redirection Service. Here are just a few ofrepparttar 131962 better FREE services online:

Free Redirect URL Service

Their service gives you a FREE, easy to remember redirect-URL for your web site, and redirectsrepparttar 131963 user to your existing home page or URL.

Other features of their FREE service:

* You get a live-long redirect-URL for free.

* A counter is included in your account

* Lost password emailed to you

* Full Meta Tags Support

* You can ban people from entering your site by banning their IP address

* The status line ofrepparttar 131964 Browser only shows your redirect-URL (or not)

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