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Just as great fiction is an art, so is great copywriting. Beneathrepparttar art, however, there's a foundation of basic knowledge and skills. The craft that goes into your writing.

Craft comes first. Art follows.

You learnrepparttar 108149 craft of writing by educating yourself, byrepparttar 108150 actual process of writing (the doing), and by reading incessantly. Every successful writer will tell you that reading has been and still isrepparttar 108151 cornerstone of developing his craft.

Reading presents you with a written illustration of what works and what doesn't, of what you like as a writer and what you don't. It helps you understandrepparttar 108152 possibilities, and offers practical instruction of howrepparttar 108153 rules of your craft are used.

Most writers, when they start out, mimic their favorite authors. I have a friend who became incredibly adept at writing like Stephen King. For several years, everything I wrote had a Ray Bradbury flavor.

Eventually, we developed our own styles, which were richer for having first gone through this mimic stage.

The point is this: part of any effective learning process is to mimic what has been successful before you.

This is true of copywriting, too. And it'srepparttar 108154 reason you need to start a "swipe" file if you want to become a successful copywriter.

What is a "swipe" file? It's exactly what it sounds like ... a file of great copywriting examples that you've collected, studied, and can access whenever you're in need of a little inspiration. These are not examples meant to be plagiarized. You aren't copying work here; you're adapting it to your own copywriting needs.

For example ... suppose you're writing a sales letter for an Internet site that sells an expensive men's wristwatch and you're in need of a great headline. You search through your "swipe" file and find a sales letter for The Oxford Club (actually taken from my own "swipe" file) withrepparttar 108155 headline: A Man's Right To Wealth. How To Master Every Situation And Prosper On A Grand Scale.

Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales with Passion Copywriting

Written by Judy Cullins

Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales with Passion Copywriting Judy Cullins c 2003 All Rights Reserved.

If you are like many professionals, you know your subject, you are an expert in your field. You are even passionate about it! What you may not know is how to tell people about your services and products to get them to buy.

Your home page needs passion. You have only 10 seconds or so to impress your visitor. Make sure you don't have long paragraphs of bio or description of your mission, service, or book. Visitors, who really are potential clients or customers, want to know what's in it for them. Make every word count.

Placerepparttar most important messages inrepparttar 108148 top half of your Web home page.

"How to Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales With Passion Copywriting"

1. Prepare a list of benefits for each product or service. Some ofrepparttar 108149 top benefits are making money, saving money, creating loving relationships, saving time, disappointment--anything that solvesrepparttar 108150 person's particular problem. Be sure to survey your friends and associates, ask them to vote on which phrases compel them to buy. Ask them to add words or phrases that would convince them. Benefits sell.

2. Prepare a list of features. These describe your products and services. They arerepparttar 108151 parts of your book such as charts, tips and how-to's. These arerepparttar 108152 ways you can help your clients such as phone coaching or teleclasses.

Chooserepparttar 108153 best five benefits and features. Combine them. For example: "Seven Ways/Steps to Quadruple your Online Sales Within Four Months." The ways or steps arerepparttar 108154 feature,repparttar 108155 specific benefit is "quadruple sales within four months."

2.. Include a benefit-driven headline for each product or service.

Remember, your visitors are thinking, "So, what? Why should I buy this?" They are easily distracted, so you need to grab them byrepparttar 108156 collar with your headline. Your dazzling headline can include a specific benefit, can ask a question, or make an outrageous claim you can prove. Remember to speak to your audience's problem or challenge and give them a reason to buy.

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