Written by Laraine Anne Barker

Part 6: Feedback.

You DO want people to tell you they like something?

1. Make it easy for visitors to tell you how much they enjoyed a particular item on your site by putting an email link on every page. Not everyone wants to sign a guest book, and if visitors have to go back torepparttar home page to find your email address they might forget what they wanted to say byrepparttar 134755 time they've found it!

2. Forrepparttar 134756 same reason, a link to your guest book (if you have one) should appear on every page.

Part 7: META Tags, so people can find you on their favourite search engine

This is a somewhat "hit and miss" area of writing web pages, because search engines all seem to work differently. The

Translate Your Web Site and Expand Your Market

Written by June Campbell

Want to doublerepparttar number of people who read your Internet sales materials?

Try translating your web site and sales letters to reachrepparttar 134754 Web's non-English speaking majority.

In 2001, more than halfrepparttar 134755 users ofrepparttar 134756 Web do not speak English as a first language. What's more,repparttar 134757 number of non-English speaking newcomers is growing at a much faster rate thanrepparttar 134758 number of English speaking Internet newcomers. However, 80% ofrepparttar 134759 information onrepparttar 134760 web is in English.

Should you make your web site available in languages other than English? If you are interested in reaching overseas markets and doing business with persons from other cultures, it's almost a necessity. As one expert pointed out, they call itrepparttar 134761 World Wide Web because it represents international audiences.

If you are considering translating your site, considerrepparttar 134762 following:

* If you haverepparttar 134763 language skills, you can translaterepparttar 134764 web site yourself. The QWERTY keyboard works for every language inrepparttar 134765 world. However, if you are planning to translate to characters other than those found inrepparttar 134766 Western alphabet, you will need a phonetic map (a software application that mapsrepparttar 134767 keyboard input into characters). For example, if you wanted to write "Tokyo" in Japanese, you would type in TOKYOO then hitrepparttar 134768 space bar. The mapping software would show yourepparttar 134769 two most likely characters. If they were not what you were looking for, you would hitrepparttar 134770 space bar again and be shown allrepparttar 134771 options that are available to you.

*You will need an international browser. Both Navigator and IE Explorer are available in international versions.

*Your operating system is an additional consideration. Windows 2000 is said to support all languages using a standard called Unicode. Apple offers language kits that can be installed inrepparttar 134772 MAC OS. If your web site is to contain sophisticated programming, you will also require international developmental tools (i.e. Japanese DreamWeaver, etc.)

*If you don't want to do your translation in-house, a localisation company can provide your translation services. A good localisation company will be using translators that not only speakrepparttar 134773 language fluently, but also are familiar withrepparttar 134774 culture and customs ofrepparttar 134775 target market. In America, for example, you would not userepparttar 134776 same marketing language to reach a twenty- year old as you would use to reach a baby boomer. Nor would you userepparttar 134777 same language to market to a stay-at-home mom as you would use to reach a career woman. Similar differences occur within other cultures. Your translator must be familiar with your target market's pop culture.

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