Written by Laraine Anne Barker

1. Don't use __"click here"__ for your links (the link should be attached to where you want your visitors to go: "Return to __home page__" rather than "__Click here__ to return to Home Page"). "Click here" is meaningless andrepparttar visitor has to keep scanningrepparttar 134761 text to findrepparttar 134762 link's content--very time-wasting.

2. It's a good idea to putrepparttar 134763 URL of each page onrepparttar 134764 bottom ofrepparttar 134765 document. This makes it easier for people who have downloaded your page to disk to revisit it. I often find myself wishing more people would do this, especially forrepparttar 134766 type of page that eventually becomes out-of-date.

3. Take time to proof-read your text before you upload it to your server. Preferably get someone else to do it for you. Authors become so familiar with what they have written that they usually see what they expect to see, thus missing many typographical errors.


Written by Laraine Anne Barker

The following tips will help make sure you don't inadvertently make your page, or part of your page, invisible to visitors:

1. If you use a textured background GIF make sure you also specify a background colour that is similar torepparttar main colour inrepparttar 134760 GIF or your text could be unreadable to someone browsing with text-only. Believe it or not, I have found myself trying to read white text on my browser's default light background! The fact that I had specified a default background colour rather than white wasrepparttar 134761 only way I realised there WAS something there to read.

2. If your background texture/colour is dark, use a light text to create enough contrast to make it easy to read. Ifrepparttar 134762 background texture/colour is light, use a dark text.

3. Keep your use ofrepparttar 134763 brighter colours to a minimum: fluorescent green or yellow text on black, for instance, is very hard onrepparttar 134764 eyes. If you favour a black background, use such effects sparingly--say to draw attention to your email address. Bright coloured backgrounds are also hard onrepparttar 134765 eyes--not to mentionrepparttar 134766 fact that finding a good contrasting text colour (apart from black or white) is almost impossible because bright colours are often neither dark nor light.

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