Written by Don Meeker

If your present domain name doesn't get you top placement in directories, it's broken.

A second domain name pointing to your web site can give you guaranteed top placement in Yahoo (with over 25% of all online searches).

If you are just starting a web site, you can choose a domain name that will get top directory placement and bring visitors to your site.

Most online traffic is directed to web sites by search engines and directories (over 50% by most estimates). Many sites get more visitors from specialized directories related torepparttar subject matter of their site than from search engines. Visitors coming from directories specializing in what you offer are much more likely to be genuinely interested in your products or services. That means qualified customers coming to your site.

When people input search words intorepparttar 108335 search engines and directories, they produce lists of web sites (often thousands) related torepparttar 108336 search words. Unless you are at or nearrepparttar 108337 top ofrepparttar 108338 list, it's very unlikely people will ever find your listing. How do you get torepparttar 108339 top ofrepparttar 108340 list?

Here are some key strategies for getting your site placed atrepparttar 108341 top ofrepparttar 108342 list ahead of those thousands of sites inrepparttar 108343 search results. Use these strategies to get major numbers of qualified interested visitors to your site.

Top Directory Placement

To place high in directories you must learn to userepparttar 108344 key features of directories. All directories list alphabetically:

Yahoo lists alphabetically by domain name Yahoo puts a few web sites atrepparttar 108345 top ofrepparttar 108346 list that haverepparttar 108347 key search words inrepparttar 108348 domain name Many directories list alphabetically by page title

For guaranteed high placement in directories you need:

Domain name with alphabetical priority Domain name with high scoring search words Page title with alphabetical priority

Alphabetical Priority

The key here is that numbers appear before letters and symbols appear before numbers in alphabetical listings.

Domain Name - Your domain name cannot begin with a symbol, but it can begin with a number. For example, "1st" gets high alphabetical priority and suggestsrepparttar 108349 best orrepparttar 108350 first. Some names from our domain auction that use this principle are:

Instant Traffic Using Expired Domains

Written by Wayne Ford

Every day thousands of domains 'expire' and are put back intorepparttar pool of available domains that anyone can register. They can be very valuable if you are looking for a quality domain for your online business, or if you want to re-sell them for profit. But wait! There is another huge advantage to a domain that was previously owned -- Instant Traffic!

As I said above, expired domains have all been owned by someone inrepparttar 108334 past. Many of these previous owners built Websites for these domains, advertised them, registered them with search engines, and even exchanged links with other sites. All translating into traffic to that domain name.

Now, why would someone who tookrepparttar 108335 time to do all that work letrepparttar 108336 domain expire? It could be one of several reasons:

*repparttar 108337 author simply lost interest * an online venture ran out of funding * poor management ofrepparttar 108338 domain * they couldn't affordrepparttar 108339 fees

Whateverrepparttar 108340 reason, it happens. And you can reclaim some ofrepparttar 108341 wasted traffic and use it to your advantage. You can either point it to your existing site or use it to jumpstart and add value to a new site.

How do you know if an expired domain has traffic?

While there is no way to gaugerepparttar 108342 actual amount of traffic going to an expired domain, you can find out its link popularity inrepparttar 108343 major search engines. This will tell yourepparttar 108344 number of Web pages listed in a particular search engine that link to that domain. The more links,repparttar 108345 higher link popularity andrepparttar 108346 more traffic that domain is getting (in some search engines,repparttar 108347 higher ranking, too).

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