Written by Chris P. Bohn

Walk into any home today and you are almost certain to find something which has been purchased from a New Age outlet. Crystals are of course everywhere. The Buddha himself may appear inrepparttar home office, looking well-fed and smiling as he does duty as a paperweight or mantelpiece decoration. Wind chimes may markrepparttar 137182 entrance to a room or may be heard jangling merrily inrepparttar 137183 garden. The design of eitherrepparttar 137184 house or garden may well have been inspired byrepparttar 137185 supposed minimalist principles of Zen Buddhism. You won't have to sniff too hard to catchrepparttar 137186 heady aroma of incense fromrepparttar 137187 mysterious Orient. And if you look carefully you might even find a crystal ball or two. In one well-known UK charity shop I have even seen crystal balls stacked up next torepparttar 137188 cash register in muchrepparttar 137189 same way as supermarkets display shelves of sweets and chewing gum inrepparttar 137190 area where you line up to pay for your groceries, cleverly taking advantage of those last minute impulse buys ("Oh, I'll just take one of those crystal balls before I leave!).

Never Fear! ***********

Look throughrepparttar 137191 phone directory and you will see hordes of jobbing alternative practitioners. Aromatherapists, Reiki experts, Shiatsu (no, it isn't a little dog!) and any number of other self-certificated experts all clamouring to have a go at curing your bad back or saving your rocky relationship.

Should you lose your appointment book, never fear! Find out whatrepparttar 137192 future has in store by consulting someone who will (for a fee) read your Tarot cards, your palms, tea leaves or probably with a little persuasion (or an extra fee!)repparttar 137193 contents of your trash can.

Doctors are yesterday's news. Better to call a hypnotherapist, colour therapist, graphologist or numerologist who can at one andrepparttar 137194 same time (for a fee) tell you all about your past, your future - and whether you even have a future.

Expensive *********

When you wish to relax atrepparttar 137195 end of a hard day you can play special relaxation tapes of whales, waves breaking onrepparttar 137196 shore or Australian aborigine didgeridoo music. Your home will of course have been designed down torepparttar 137197 smallest detail by a knowledgeable, highly-trained and very expensive Feng Shui consultant who probably charges more than your lawyer! Hasrepparttar 137198 world gone mad???

All ofrepparttar 137199 aforementioned distractions and more fit neatly intorepparttar 137200 loose category of New Age. A lot of people are very serious about New Age interests and contrary to what you may think, I would berepparttar 137201 last to want to trivialise their beliefs. Whatever works for them is fine by me. Except for one thing. New Age practices have become so heavily commercialized thatrepparttar 137202 original spiritual components have pretty well lost their integrity by now and, inrepparttar 137203 West at least, are little more than products and services in a very competitive market.

Ever since Madame Blavatsky andrepparttar 137204 Theosophists (the forerunners ofrepparttar 137205 modern New Age Movement) signed their exclusive channeling deal withrepparttar 137206 so-called Ascended Masters back inrepparttar 137207 nineteenth century, religious and spiritual beliefs have been borrowed haphazardly from any number of world religions. Beliefs have been ripped out of their natural environmental and historical context. Ever since, those beliefs have been blatantly sold to a spiritually vulnerable public that has a big fat disposable income and could not wait to spend it.

Damanhur and Time Travel (Viewing)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

This excerpt from a fictional and futuristic book of mine addresses a little of what Damanhur might be involved with.

It was a beautiful spring day andrepparttar tulips were starting to bloom on University Avenue, as Sean walked to meet Tony at a Thai restaurant of renown near Toronto’s first of many Chinatowns. The walk had been about two miles and his feet were sore but he enjoyed seeing people look at his new clothes and fine-trimmed beard. He had worried that seven years of being a slob and not exercising might have taken too much away from his otherwise handsome exterior. So far Tony and his associates had done all that could reasonably be expected, almost too much he thought to himself asrepparttar 137128 seduction of material world things began to sweep over him while he fought it back. The gathering of a team of like-minded people crossed his mind more than once as he thought about what his on-line friend Laurent had written. The words seemed to fit with Tesla’s non-force info packets very well as he wondered if he should get Tony to initiate a contact with this physicist whose words he had committed to memory. “Inherent to wave mechanics arerepparttar 137129 mechanisms of wave superposition and parallel and non-linear information processing. And these mechanisms, which are also affected and regulated byrepparttar 137130 laws of thermodynamics, are responsible for information growth andrepparttar 137131 evolution of biological matter. Information begets information.”

As they sat testing each other’s ability to ingest hot chilies and frequent trips torepparttar 137132 washroom ensured they trippedrepparttar 137133 light fantastic, they were both in ‘hog heaven’. The conversation ranged overrepparttar 137134 whole field of philosophy and they enjoyed each others interests immensely. They had both studied Carlos andrepparttar 137135 Toltec or Nagual’s way.

“The word impeccable means 'without sin'. Sin is defined as a 'transgression against God.' As God is unknowable we are left with our nagual aspect. I would define sin as a 'transgression against our nagual aspect.' To be impeccable means to be without sin or to be in alignment with our nagual.” Tony commented.

“That is a far better explanation for sin and how to find purpose thanrepparttar 137136 mainstream religions will allow.”

“You knowrepparttar 137137 Corpus Hermeticum that Cosmo De Medicis had translated by Ficilio was titled De Brix?” Tony asked.

“Yes and I am supposedly related to The Bruce by an illegitimate liaison. Robertrepparttar 137138 Bruce was in charge of North American trade forrepparttar 137139 Templar continuum and he made a Baird into a Baron. The Bairds were in charge of Nova Scotia orrepparttar 137140 Bank atrepparttar 137141 time of Bonnie Prince Charlie. One of these Barons died at Culloden. The House of Bruce and de Bruges orrepparttar 137142 Bruttii who founded Britain are ‘tres important’. Other Kelts going back torepparttar 137143 Veneti of Cisalpine Gaul and Hallstatt inrepparttar 137144 Genoese area ofrepparttar 137145 Legurians and others are where those De Medicis and later Rothschilds get a lot ofrepparttar 137146 info St. Germain more recently codified or set intorepparttar 137147 occult schools.”

“Your books are more thanrepparttar 137148 whole Corpus Hermeticum.”

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