Written by Charlene Rashkow

As a writer for a multitude of projects from web site content to detailed business plans allrepparttar way to press releases and promotional material, I've noticed one major difference in writing forrepparttar 129875 Internet versus writing for other channels of communication. Primarily writing good copy is essentiallyrepparttar 129876 same no matter where it's presented but writing forrepparttar 129877 Internet requires one important distinction. That distinction is less verbiage with more impact!

While you have free rein to put as much information on your web site or within your article when presenting it onrepparttar 129878 Internet, material onrepparttar 129879 web must grabrepparttar 129880 reader's attention very quickly. Becoming verbose and redundant may be satisfying to your ego but it won't attractrepparttar 129881 attention of your reader.

YOUR READERS Those who are searching for meaningful information onrepparttar 129882 net are either visiting web sites or reading online publications because they want bottom-line information rapidly. One ofrepparttar 129883 perks of usingrepparttar 129884 Internet isrepparttar 129885 ability to sift through as many web sites as required fromrepparttar 129886 privacy of your home until you find what draws your attention. Material for most readers if too wordy or intellectual is a deterrent. Personally, if I'm seeking information fromrepparttar 129887 web, I want it to be informative and interesting without being long-winded. Having a creative eye, of course I requirerepparttar 129888 site to be somewhat appealing in layout and design but I wantrepparttar 129889 information to meet my needs. More than likely most readers don't want to pore over a lot of jargon before reachingrepparttar 129890 main point. If an individual wants to read a novel they'll buy a book or borrow it fromrepparttar 129891 library but when reading it onrepparttar 129892 net,repparttar 129893 data should be a source of information.

WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL? One ofrepparttar 129894 key points to remember when writing forrepparttar 129895 Internet is that overall you are selling knowledge and therefore should consider that your article or web site are merely tools to provide appropriate information. If you write regularly or have an on-going group of individuals visiting your site, you may find after a while that you've developed a following. By that I mean that a number of individuals have become familiar with your writing style and relate to your views and opinions. They may now become interested in what you have to say not just in what you are selling. It's at that point that your audience is interested in you personally but that may take some time to achieve. First prove your consistency, professionalism and appeal and before long people will begin wondering what you have to say.


Written by Doug C. Grant

(I wrote this article shortly beforerepparttar Attack on America. Although it was originally intended to deflect rude e-mails and letters,repparttar 129873 sense of it has become much larger in scope. I am in no way suggesting that terrorists attacking this country should be allowed to escape justice. I for one feel we should go after these people with every resource at our command. But trying to fight hate with hatred will only multiplyrepparttar 129874 evil. And it is guaranteed to bring unwanted effects back on both individuals and our country. Readrepparttar 129875 following article with that context in mind.)


You knowrepparttar 129876 feeling.

You've been wronged. Or think you've been wronged. Same difference.

You sit down atrepparttar 129877 computer and pound out an angry, scathing denunciation ofrepparttar 129878 person, their company, their ancestry and their ethics. You insult everything about them except their looks. And that's probably because you never met them.

With a single keystroke or a first class stamp, your damming missile is onrepparttar 129879 way.

Satisfied that you have put another idiot in their place and proven torepparttar 129880 world that you're a person who can't be messed with, you treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

But instead of coffee, you better be looking over your shoulder and running like hell. You have just sent out a barrage of 'boomerang' words. They will return. Guaranteed. And they will sting you with multiplied ferocity.

Sometimesrepparttar 129881 words themselves return. But generally they come back in unrecognizable forms. It may be a health problem...loss of a setbacks...or something you consider to be just plain bad luck.

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