IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble... And Is RSS The Answer?

Written by Cory Threlfall

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"Permission Email Marketing",repparttar only way to market your business via Email without getting yourself into trouble and giving yourepparttar 140636 ability to stay in touch and build a ongoing relationship with your customers and/or subscribers.

The only question is... is email still a reliable vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to your potential customers and/or subscribers?

Withrepparttar 140637 rising concerns of SPAM, Blacklisting, Email Filters, and CAN-SPAM laws, it's getting Harder and Harder for legitimate "Permission Email Marketers" to reach there Target audiences with there Product or Service offers.

The end result is... "Time Wasted" and "Loss of Profits".

Is your online business suffering from this?

Only you can answer that.

Email used to berepparttar 140638 MOST effective form of direct marketing online at one time before everybody started abusing it and there guidelines.

Don't get me wrong, email still is effective,repparttar 140639 question is... how effective?

The benefit to marketing with email was that you were able to get your marketing message infront of your Target audiences within a matter of minutes with a single click of your mouse, which at one time made MANY marketers "Buckets-Of-Money" literally over night.

Email WASrepparttar 140640 answer at that time, but, what'srepparttar 140641 solution forrepparttar 140642 future of "Permission Email Marketing"?

Is there an answer to this rising problem with Email?

I'll give you three letters... RSS!

Yes, there is a solution for "Permission Email Marketers" and/or for any online business owner who uses email to stay in touch with there customers and/or subscribers and that is RSS(Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication).

RSS isrepparttar 140643 NEW technology onrepparttar 140644 block(though its been around for quite some time) and is transformingrepparttar 140645 Internet and how businesses communicate with there customers and/or subscribers as we speak.

RSS Works: Hard Metrics to Prove It

Written by Rok Hrastnik

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

It's time to take a look at some real-life RSS metrics from real-life marketers. These will show you what kind of results you can expect to see from RSS.

I first presented this data atrepparttar Syndicate Conference in New York City,repparttar 140635 first conference entirely devoted to RSS.

To make a point, we’ll take a look at RSS metrics from 4 different viewpoints, each demonstrating one facet of RSS marketing and a different way of capturing RSS metrics. This data combined will give yourepparttar 140636 answer of whether RSS marketing is for you, as an addition to e-mail marketing, or not.


RSS statistics should be most relevant when coming from actual RSS aggregators and their vendors, since these people can measure precisely how their users are actually using RSS.

Customer Reader [], who just recently launched a desktop RSS aggregator, which marketers can brand for themselves and then distribute to their readers, supplied us with their latest data. This data is based on 3,500 users of their brandable RSS aggregator and onrepparttar 140637 last [two weeks ago] 48 hours of their reader usage.

The most interesting piece of data isrepparttar 140638 23% average CTR (click-through rate) from feed to site within last 48 hours, which proves that RSS works in terms of getting readers fromrepparttar 140639 outbout message torepparttar 140640 site. RSS users are actually clicking on RSS content!

Now, what isrepparttar 140641 “feed-to-side” CTR? It simply means that 23% ofrepparttar 140642 end-users that subscribe to various feeds, clicked at least once on one ofrepparttar 140643 content items inrepparttar 140644 feeds they are subscribed to.


Consideringrepparttar 140645 different RSS metrics systems andrepparttar 140646 fact that no marketing tool whatsoever can be measured 100% precisely fromrepparttar 140647 outside tracking service side, seeing stats from RSS solutions vendors is important as well.

On this end, some basic stats were supplied from SimpleFeed [],repparttar 140648 providers of one ofrepparttar 140649 more advanced RSS marketing solutions.

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