Written by Irvin L. Rozier

There is nothing too hard for God to do What he has done inrepparttar past he will do for you He gave Abraham and Sarah a child in their old age "Impossible" acts are recorded inrepparttar 149494 Bible, page after page

Lions' mouths were closed and prison doors flew open Large armies were defeated with just a few men When men called out to God in their distress He did more than they asked for and not less

My situation is impossible I can hear you say There is no hope why should I pray My answer to you is to have faith and don't doubt Trust inrepparttar 149495 Lord and he will surely bring you out

The Last Lion

Written by David Ben-Ariel

William Manchester's book,The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill; Visions of Glory, is quite remarkable considering its principles pertain to Israel's situation today. Churchill was considered an "enemy of peace" by those who failed to recognizerepparttar German threat. He was basically abandoned in a political wilderness untilrepparttar 149457 time came for him to come out inrepparttar 149458 spirit ofrepparttar 149459 judges of Israel and deliver Great Britain fromrepparttar 149460 Nazi menace.

Don't we realize that whenever we warn aboutrepparttar 149461 Beast Power rising in Europe that we'll be falsely accused of hating Germans, Europeans, and Catholics? Years ago certain ones on AOL accused my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise & Fall, of hating Catholics and German-bashing. I replied that it's actually because I LOVE THE GERMANS,repparttar 149462 Europeans andrepparttar 149463 Catholics that I want to help warn them to not blindly follow their leaders! It's not only because I love our British-Israelite and Jewish brethren thatrepparttar 149464 warning message must go out! Both Israelites and Europeans must be warned!

I'm of German descent, in part, fromrepparttar 149465 Palatinate in West Germany. I certainly don't hate Germans, but I do hate whatrepparttar 149466 Nazis did and what Bible prophecy clearly says a German-led Europe will do again on an even greater scale! This time their Satan inspired hatred and murder won't just be against our Jewish brethren but against Joseph:repparttar 149467 Anglo-Saxons!

Consider this excellent quote from The Last Lion: Speaking ofrepparttar 149468 type of leader necessary to stand up to Hitler: "England looked for another Alfred, a figure cast in a mold which, byrepparttar 149469 time ofrepparttar 149470 Dunkirk deliverance, seemed to have been forever lost.

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