Written by Maria Heckaman

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Santa Claus,repparttar holiday season isrepparttar 118993 perfect time for having fun with family and co-workers.

Of course,repparttar 118994 Internet proves to be a great resource for gathering recipes, crafts, songs, and interesting tidbits aboutrepparttar 118995 holidays.

Santa's Net and The Kids Domain are two ofrepparttar 118996 best holiday Internet sites, both offering information for many beliefs.

Do you know what yearrepparttar 118997 British Parliament officially abolishedrepparttar 118998 celebration of Christmas? What aboutrepparttar 118999 date and location ofrepparttar 119000 first printed reference to a Christmas Tree? How do you say "Merry Christmas" in Bohemian, Yoruba, and Chinese?

Santa's Net can help you findrepparttar 119001 answers to such questions, while filling you up with many more holiday facts and myths.

On its home page, visitors can countdown to Christmas and choose from many categories to browse, including carols and songs, Christmas traditions from other countries, recipes, toys, Christmas movies, bookmarks, and more.

Keeping with its world-holiday theme,repparttar 119002 site also has posted recipes such as Amaretti from Italy, Billy Can Pudding from Australia, Christmas Lebkuchen from Egypt, and Kourabiethes from Greece.

Free Agent Nation Book Review

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Have you ever written a personal note to a respected and successful author? Not that I wish that fate on those precious few who toprepparttar best seller lists, but I just wrote to Dan Pink.


Wonderful book! I'm doing a review and will distribute it as widely as my role allows. I'm curious though, why do you quoterepparttar 118992 reviews fromrepparttar 118993 NY Times, CNN,repparttar 118994 "Global Executive Section" of The Economist and whenrepparttar 118995 book is about you and I?

Maybe those reviewers saw themselves in a fantasy painted Pink? Those folks still work forrepparttar 118996 big dogs of business and I doubt very much that those inrepparttar 118997 board rooms of global corporations are quite as cheered by your ideas asrepparttar 118998 reviewers who work for them.

I am impressed and cheered though, by your work and wish you continued success. With regrets that it profits Warner Books more than Pink, Inc.

-- Mike Banks Valentine

It's my personal belief that Free Agent Nation should be owned by Pink, Inc. I also believe that if Daniel H. Pink were to include a review by Mike Banks Valentine of WebSite101 on his web site , that it would do little for his credibility or his book sales.

I toot a big horn onrepparttar 118999 front page of my web site too because when visitors see a quote from Entrepreneur Magazine on my home page, they may take a little longer to click away from my site.

Once I've got them though, I rely onrepparttar 119000 testimonials from small ezine owners to prompt subscriptions to my newsletter, further downrepparttar 119001 page. And small is what Pink thinksrepparttar 119002 future holds forrepparttar 119003 new workplace.

This book is about independent freelancers merrily toiling away in their underwear in a home workspace, as Pink states, in HOHO, or "His Office/Her Office". He seems to delight in creating new terms to define what is increasingly common for self-employed professionals -- independence.

Here're some Pinkisms, emphasized in chapter-end "boxes":

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