Written by Donald B. Kramer

Professionals have been slow to realizerepparttar enormous value ofrepparttar 125238 Internet as an advertising medium. Many have adopted e-mail and developed websites, but they don't know what to do with them. Every day, thousands of consumers and businesses search for professionals onrepparttar 125239 internet. Major law firms will often spend thousands of dollars on a website, but hesitate to spend $295 on "" or even $100 for a yearly listing at Smaller firms, often spending less than $300 for a website, have been able to take great advantage ofrepparttar 125240 opportunities left open byrepparttar 125241 large firms. Sole practitioners, withrepparttar 125242 help of good web designers, look like a "class act" torepparttar 125243 Internet viewer. Here are some tips for those building a website: 1. Makerepparttar 125244 site simple and easy to navigate. Let visitors knowrepparttar 125245 basic facts onrepparttar 125246 opening screen. 2. Avoid graphics that will slow downrepparttar 125247 loading ofrepparttar 125248 site. Internet viewers are impatient and will not wait even a few seconds. There's no need for animation to catch attention. At this point,repparttar 125249 viewer is ready for facts. 3. Place your e-mail address onrepparttar 125250 site, available for use byrepparttar 125251 viewer who loves to communicate by e-mail. 4. Read your e-mail regularly. Internet users expect prompt responses. For those wanting to take a step further and actually advertise onrepparttar 125252 internet (in addition to being on EVERY directory they can afford)heed these words of caution: The Internet goes to more than 60 million viewers WORLDWIDE. Therefore, target your ad to avoid useless messages from visitors you are unable to

Link Popularity in a Box

Written by John Buchanan

Overrepparttar past two years, "link popularity" has definitely becomerepparttar 125237 new buzz word ofrepparttar 125238 search engine promotion arena.

With virtually all ofrepparttar 125239 major engines now incorporating this criteria into their ranking algorithms to at least some extent, many Webmasters have found their once high-ranking sites have fallen to less than spectacular levels.

Achieving that number one ranking now requires not onlyrepparttar 125240 perfect mix of content and keywords, but also a site that is deemed "popular" inrepparttar 125241 eyes ofrepparttar 125242 all knowing search engines.

This brings us torepparttar 125243 question -- "What isrepparttar 125244 best way to increase my site's link popularity?"

Many systems have sprung up that are geared toward helping Webmasters increase their site's link popularity. Let's take a look at some of them.

1) Link Farms

Link Farms sprang up rather quickly. With link farms you generally agree to upload a number of pages to your site that link to a random list of other sites. In return, your link is added to this list of sites and are uploaded to other sites creating instant link popularity. Sounds good and it worked for a while, butrepparttar 125245 search engines soon caught on to this. Now most search engines either ignore pages that are members of these link farms, or in some cases (such as Google), they will simply ban you for being a member of such a system.

2) FFA Pages

FFA Pages or Free For All Link Pages are sites that allow you to submit your link to them free. All it costs you is a bunch of junk mail in your inbox. FFA pages have a preset number of links that can be onrepparttar 125246 page at any given time. As newer links are added,repparttar 125247 older links are pushed off. Theoretically, these could definitely help your link popularity. Unfortunately, your link rarely stays onrepparttar 125248 list long enough to be of any real help. Numerous programs have sprung up, both PC and Web-based, that will submit your site to a large number of FFA pages. The problem here? So many Webmasters have become a member of these programs that you would need to submit your site every hour for it to be of any real benefit to you.

3) Reciprocal links

Reciprocal links are link exchanges between Webmasters. These are by farrepparttar 125249 most productive types of links you can get. Not only will they increase your link popularity, but you will generally get a good amount of traffic from them as well. There is one big problem with reciprocal links and that's time. It can take a GREAT deal of time to hunt down other Webmasters willing to trade links with you, email them asking forrepparttar 125250 exchange, then deal withrepparttar 125251 actual adding ofrepparttar 125252 links forrepparttar 125253 Webmasters who agree. Then you have to keep track of who has your link, their contact information, etc. The solution... a wonderful piece of software I ran across about a year ago called Zeus.

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