Written by John Rocco

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget how fortunate we all are to live inrepparttar greatest country on this earth. Those brave men and women in our armed forces make it possible, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

If you have a two story house, and you are going to replacerepparttar 100070 windows on bothrepparttar 100071 first and second floor, there are little tricks that you can use to makerepparttar 100072 upper floor job a bit safer and easier. Ifrepparttar 100073 windows are replacement style frames, you install them from insiderepparttar 100074 house, sorepparttar 100075 only thing that you will do different thanrepparttar 100076 first floor windows is to use an extension ladder to caulkrepparttar 100077 exterior. So, let's talk about doing retrofit style windows onrepparttar 100078 second floor. You can usually removerepparttar 100079 old window from insiderepparttar 100080 house, but if you have a picture window, you have to userepparttar 100081 extension ladder to removerepparttar 100082 stops holdingrepparttar 100083 glass in place. Then, you can go insiderepparttar 100084 house and cutrepparttar 100085 glass free fromrepparttar 100086 frame using a utility knife. Put a tarp onrepparttar 100087 ground belowrepparttar 100088 window, to catch any glass pieces that may fall duringrepparttar 100089 removal. Also, don't forget to keep people and animals away fromrepparttar 100090 area belowrepparttar 100091 window.

Once you are ready to installrepparttar 100092 new window, you can do it from insiderepparttar 100093 house. Remember, when installing retrofit style frames, you install them from outside and raise them into place. Instead, carryrepparttar 100094 window upstairs. If it's a slider, removerepparttar 100095 screen and sliding panel. Then, using a helper, you can anglerepparttar 100096 window frame throughrepparttar 100097 opening, extendingrepparttar 100098 retrofit lip completely outside ofrepparttar 100099 opening before pullingrepparttar 100100 window back toward you, and installingrepparttar 100101 window as if you were outside. Have your helper holdrepparttar 100102 center bar while you put a screw intorepparttar 100103 top center to holdrepparttar 100104 frame in place. You can dorepparttar 100105 entire installation from inside. The only time you will need to go onrepparttar 100106 extension ladder is when you're ready to caulkrepparttar 100107 exterior. Make sure you put a generous amount of caulk whererepparttar 100108 top ofrepparttar 100109 frame meetsrepparttar 100110 stucco or exterior material. You don't want any water getting pastrepparttar 100111 new frame, otherwise it can work it's way throughrepparttar 100112 wall and down throughrepparttar 100113 ceiling orrepparttar 100114 walls. You would be surprised how easily two people can install an 8' wide by 5' tall sliding window onrepparttar 100115 second floor if you removerepparttar 100116 sliding panels and screens. In fact, my helper and I did one 10' wide and 5' high. That wasrepparttar 100117 biggest one I ever did onrepparttar 100118 second floor. You can run a bead of caulk onrepparttar 100119 outside face ofrepparttar 100120 old frame before installingrepparttar 100121 new frame right from insiderepparttar 100122 room.

Scented Candles – Take Me AWAY!

Written by M J Plaster

Rememberrepparttar old Calgon commercial—"Take me away Calgon!" There's only one thing that can take you away faster than a Calgon bath, and that's a scented candle. Whether you want a breath of fresh spring air, or you want to transport yourself to a South Sea paradise minusrepparttar 100069 hassle of airport security, crowded, delayed flights and lost baggage, grab a scented candle, and travel wherever your imagination leads. Smell is a powerful sense, and you can use it to alter your mood within seconds withrepparttar 100070 flicker of a candle. In fact, why not keep a supply of scented candles inrepparttar 100071 bathroom when you don't have time to luxuriate inrepparttar 100072 bathtub. Envelope yourself in fragrance while you shower, dry and blow-dry.

Close your eyes and think of each season: winter, spring, summer and fall each evoke special "scentual" memories. If it'srepparttar 100073 dead of winter and you've already suffered through 73 days of snow cover, light a piña colada candle or a seaside candle and pop in your favorite Beach Boys CD. Inhalerepparttar 100074 scents of summer and forget aboutrepparttar 100075 cold for a few divine moments. Select a delicate floral candle or maybe a rain forest scent to remind you that April showers are right aroundrepparttar 100076 corner. If it's 102° F inrepparttar 100077 shade, there's nothing like a pine-scented candle to send a quick shiver up your back. Longing for fall? Light a pumpkin candle to evokerepparttar 100078 Harvest Moon andrepparttar 100079 bounty of autumn. Whateverrepparttar 100080 occasion you'd like to recreate, it's only a candle away. That'srepparttar 100081 power ofrepparttar 100082 sense of smell.

Holidays are incomplete without candles. If you think back to your favorite holiday gatherings, your mind will probably wander to your favorite scents. Think about your favorite Christmas tree, and you're bound to rememberrepparttar 100083 crisp smell of pine or cedar. The traditional holiday season from Thanksgiving torepparttar 100084 New Year provides a natural cornucopia of fragrance. From pumpkin pie to peppermint ice cream to vanilla,repparttar 100085 scents ofrepparttar 100086 holiday season are everywhere.

Perhaps you use an artificial tree instead of a fresh-cut tree each year. Simulaterepparttar 100087 scent of a Frazier fir with candles. Artificial trees are getting closer to their natural kissing cousins with each passing season, but they remain "flat" withoutrepparttar 100088 accompanying scent. They just can't bringrepparttar 100089 smell of Christmas into a home likerepparttar 100090 real thing. Light a few pine or cedar candles, and voila—you may never missrepparttar 100091 genuine article.

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