Written by Bob Leduc

Use these 5 powerful buying stimulators in your ads, web pages and other sales messages to get more sales. They produce immediate results without increasing your costs.


People usually buy a product or service because they expect to feel a certain way afterrepparttar purchase. Keep this in mind as you develop your ads, web pages and other sales tools.

Use vivid word pictures to dramatizerepparttar 127309 pleasant feeling your customer will experience when enjoyingrepparttar 127310 benefit produced by your product or service. The following portion of a business opportunity ad I saw recently illustrates this concept:

"No boss. No schedule. No debt. Money to buy what you want and lots of time to have fun."


After telling your prospect what they will gain from buying your product or service, tell them what they will lose if they do not buy it. Most people fear loss more then they desire gain.

Strengthen your selling appeals by reminding prospects of what they will lose if they do not buy from you. For example,repparttar 127311 above business opportunity ad becomes more powerful by addingrepparttar 127312 following:

"Or... continue building wealth for your boss while you struggle month after month just to pay your bills."


Promote only 1 product or service each time you advertise. Most people have difficulty selecting one product to buy when their decision forces them to delay or reject buying something else they also want. When prospects cannot make an easy choice they often make no decision at all -- and you loserepparttar 127313 sale.

TIP: Combine several products or services into one package for one price. Eliminaterepparttar 127314 difficult decision of selecting and rejecting items by not including an option to buy any items separately. You will get more sales because your prospect's buying decision is limited to a simple "yes" or "no".

How To Get a LONG Sales Letter That Pulls People In And Makes Them BUY!

Written by Keller Flynn

You can't make a sale unless your customer is emotionally and logically involved. They have to THINK your product or service is a good buy and they have to WANT to buy it.

A good LONG sales letter isrepparttar classic way to capture your customer's mind AND heart.

I'm talking about a web site page that has at least 900 words (about 3 pages worth of copy on a word processor.) Long letters also work well for sending throughrepparttar 127308 mail or including in sales packages. They can be three pages, six, even twelve pages of copy.

Here's why long copy works. Only a very few of us buy things on a whim. More than 70 percent of people like to get more details and think about it before buying. The problem is most folks never get around to buying if they walk off to think about it. There are just too many other tasks competing for their attention. This is especially true for web sites whererepparttar 127309 customer has one zillion other sites they can buy from.

Long copy getsrepparttar 127310 interested customer even more interested. While they sit reading your engaging copy for one, three, even five minutes, they become logically and emotionally involved in your copy. While they are reading, they are getting more information and thinking aboutrepparttar 127311 purchase. This is EXACTLY whatrepparttar 127312 majority of your customers need to make a purchase.

But how to you get a long sales letter? It's not as hard as it looks if you know how.

Start with a headline. Good headlines focus on one key goodierepparttar 127313 customer gets when they buy for you. SAVE TIME...EARN CASH...LESS HASSLE...SPEND LESS--are all good benefits to start your headline with.

Follow your main headline with a second, smaller headline. This one can be a bit longer and give a few more key details about your offer. Your first and second headlines might look like this:


Nothing is more embarrassing than having a squeaky monkey. Monty's patented grease makes your monkey run smoother for years.

Ah, now think what you can do with a REAL product or service. Next, give a quick rundown of your features andrepparttar 127314 benefits they provide. A bulleted list is often best for this. Then give people a link or directions on how to buy. A good 17 percent don't care about getting more information. They just want to buy NOW. Don't make them hunt for your order info atrepparttar 127315 end of your copy.

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