Written by Bob Leduc

People won't buy from you until they're confident you will deliver exactly what they expect to get. You can help them develop that confidence by making certain every claim you make about your product or service is fully believable.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your believability with prospects -- and generate more sales. All 3 work for any business. And you can use them with any marketing method includingrepparttar Internet.


Testimonials from satisfied customers are powerful selling tools. They establish your believability because they prove you already delivered what you promised to other customers.

The most effective testimonials describe a specific result your customer enjoyed by using your product or service. For example, "In just 2 weeks I lost 9 pounds, felt years younger and still enjoyed all my favorite foods".

TIP: Get permission to use your customers' names and addresses with their testimonials. Personal testimonials from real people are more believable than anonymous testimonials.


You can also increase your believability by converting general statements into specific descriptions. "It's fast, easy and inexpensive" may accurately describe your product or service. But a specific description of how fast, how easy and how inexpensive is more believable.

Also, try to avoid using round numbers (10, 25, 40, etc.) in your claims. Instead, reduce them to specific odd numbers with fractions or decimals. Here's why...

Which ofrepparttar 127511 following 2 statements sounds more authentic to you?

1. Our clients average 30 percent more sales. 2. Our clients average 27.7 percent more sales.

"Boost Sales With An Email Bonus!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

If you are doing business online then you must have an email contact list.

It is absolutely essential that you be able to email your list of subscribers, customers, hot prospects or general permission based list of non-customers with information about whatever product or service that it is that you are involved with.

Email, after all, isrepparttar foundation for communication onrepparttar 127510 Internet.

Whether you have your own established list of email addresses to contact or if you use one ofrepparttar 127511 1000's of online safe email lists to get your message out, you can boost your sales response by using a simple yet valuable email tool; an email announcement.

An email announcement is essentially an 'Alert' or bonus email.

You can provide your established customers an email alert about timely information on product releases or new services being offered, even before your non-customers find out about it from you or someone else.

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