IMAGINATION: New Worlds of Discovery

Written by Davis Goss.

IMAGINATION: New Worlds of Discovery by Davis Goss

Untilrepparttar world closed in on us and restricted our inherent freedom, imagination and creativity was an active ingredient in each one of us. Whatever happened to our open, unfettered imagination; our capacity and eagerness to dream dreams, to exercise visions of greatness and to accomplish great feats with complete abandon and against all odds?

Unfortunately, in our growing up process, modern day computer dependency and high tech advancements have tended to school creativity and imagination out of us. We have been compelled to conform torepparttar 107124 parameters and restrictionsrepparttar 107125 world has imposed upon us. To be free of these limitations we must get back to basics and learn to exercise our natural capacity to invoke creative thinking. "Creative thinking" is defined by Webster as, "the ability to be productive through imaginative skills".

To develop these imaginative skills , we must leaverepparttar 107126 world of limits and restrictive parameters, reject conventional "common sense" and deliberately breakrepparttar 107127 bonds of accepted thinking. We will embark on what will berepparttar 107128 most exciting adventure imaginable and explore new areas of discovery.

In this adventure, we will be completely alone. We will step out into new territories where there are no road maps, charts or blueprints to follow. There is nothing ahead of us butrepparttar 107129 excitement of discovering new horizons of unlimited achievement and invokingrepparttar 107130 kind of creativity and innovation that existed (and worked!) long before time and technology distorted its simplicity and relevance.

"Imagination", according to Webster, is "the act or power of forming mental images of something not present torepparttar 107131 senses or never before wholly perceived.". Allrepparttar 107132 criteria for creativity are embodied in this one word: IMAGINATION! What cannot be imagined?!

Spiritual Practices Offer Peace and Acceptance

Written by Teresa Proudlove

Facing career transitions and our daily lifework challenges can leave us feeling lonely, stressed and anxious. How do we manage to deal withrepparttar financial and emotional stress of having a home, a car, work (or no work), kids and a spouse in this too-busy world? Certainly, getting some caring support and guidance is helpful – but ultimately we have to find peace and comfort within ourselves. Listed below are three simple spiritual practices which can help us live life from a supportive, comforting perspective. These practices can help us shift from habitually reacting to life’s problems, to walking a path of more peace and acceptance.

We Do Not Need Fixing

Self-improvement and much ofrepparttar 107123 network marketing industry bombards us withrepparttar 107124 ideas that if we fix or change our beliefs, attitudes, old wounds, thinking, goals, financial situation then we will be O.K. or a success. We are further burdened with blame and shame for supposedly having created our so-called “lack or negative situation” with our thinking, beliefs or unaddressed childhood hurts.

These egocentric doctrines hurt us. Where isrepparttar 107125 room for God’s infinite plan, our soul’s work, indeed our lifework; within such narrow thinking? There is much at work, far beyond our control or our imagination, shaping our lives. At times, we are but frail dust swept withinrepparttar 107126 winds of change. During these difficult times, like career changes and lifework challenges, we need compassion for our human condition… not self-incriminating lectures.

Paradoxically, there is an element of truth inrepparttar 107127 school of thought that our beliefs, thinking, attitudes and old hurts can affect our quality of life. However, our lives are not a problem to be fixed and we are not to blame for every life occurrence.

“Events occur because conditions are right, and your action only contributes to one of many conditions.” Lieh-Tzu

Often I hear people lamenting their lives; saying they should be further ahead in their careers, relationships, financial situation, and even in their self growth. Yet, creating change involves much more than decision-making and setting goals. We are plantingrepparttar 107128 seeds which grow our being. Often we have to grow intorepparttar 107129 being which can makerepparttar 107130 changes we wish to have. Growing a being isrepparttar 107131 work of a lifetime not ten-easy-steps-to-a-new-you.

This is why career change or any type of life transition can take much longer than we planned. The more time I spend on this planet,repparttar 107132 more I realize how very little is really within my control and how rarely things work out according to my time line. More and more, I am aware ofrepparttar 107133 hand of God orchestrating life, with us but players upon a great stage. Wherever we are right now, is exactlyrepparttar 107134 place we are meant to be.

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