IKANO Acquires Assets of Two Texas-Based ISPs CookeNET and CompuWise Customers Access Expanded Range of Features.

Written by Debra Labelle

Salt Lake City (June 1, 2005) - IKANO Communications,repparttar world’s largest provider of private-label Internet services, has acquiredrepparttar 141206 subscriber bases of two Texas-based Internet Service Providers, CookeNET Internet Services and CompuWise Internet Solutions, servingrepparttar 141207 Gainesville and Decatur markets ( and Both ISPs were previously operated by Morgan Publishing, a digital and print publishing company based in Bowie, Texas.

IKANO will maintainrepparttar 141208 CookeNET and CompuWise names and build onrepparttar 141209 strength ofrepparttar 141210 two brands. Subscribers will be able to continue using their existing email addresses.

“With this acquisition, customers of CookeNET and CompuWise will be able to continue usingrepparttar 141211 same services that they have become accustomed to as well as a full complement of new services designed to improve their overall Internet experience,” said Henry Smith, president and CEO of IKANO Communications.

Current subscribers ofrepparttar 141212 two providers will be able to take advantage of IKANO’s complete library of services and will receive significant upgrades to their existing service at no additional charge. For example, subscribers of either service were limited to using one dial-up number to connect torepparttar 141213 Internet. As a result ofrepparttar 141214 acquisition, however, subscribers will be able to connect torepparttar 141215 Internet using eitherrepparttar 141216 same number that they have used inrepparttar 141217 past or they can take advantage of IKANO’s over 3,400 dial-up locations acrossrepparttar 141218 U.S. and Canada, allowing subscribers to connect while onrepparttar 141219 road.

Some ofrepparttar 141220 other features that subscribers will receive at no additional cost include 7 more e-mail addresses with 20 MB more storage per address, 100 MB of online storage compared torepparttar 141221 5 MB currently offered,repparttar 141222 optional ProxyWatch content filtering service, free Wi-Fi access at any HOTSPOTZZ location nationwide, andrepparttar 141223 BrowseBlast Web Accelerator which increases browsing speeds by up to 6 times.

Web Templates for Company or Commercial Use

Written by Johann Erickson

Businesses that are trying to reachrepparttar maximum number of customers possible, can only do it with a site that is “clean”, easy to navigate, and presentsrepparttar 141205 essentials ofrepparttar 141206 company. But if professional designers aren’t in your budget, there is an alternative. Get free web templates that cater torepparttar 141207 exact set-up you need.

Retailers, wholesalers, commercial enterprises of any kind, can present their companies and products or services inrepparttar 141208 best light possible, throughrepparttar 141209 use of free templates that are simple and quick to use.

Whether you would like to introduce your company’s mission, locations, and staff, or wish to create an online catalogue of your business’ goods and where or how people can purchase them, free web templates give yourepparttar 141210 flexibility to create a site that delivers exactly what you want.

How will you chooserepparttar 141211 web template that is right for your business? It will depend onrepparttar 141212 nature of your company’s goods or services, andrepparttar 141213 image that you wish to project. Amongrepparttar 141214 many options available, are those designed specifically as hosting site templates, commercial templates, ecommerce templates, real estate templates and business templates that are easily adapted by changingrepparttar 141215 graphics to ones related to your company.

Many businesses prefer a clean, simplified look, whererepparttar 141216 focus is on a single graphic or logo, andrepparttar 141217 relevant text. For sites like this, you might choose single color templates, or frame templates, which give an ordered appearance torepparttar 141218 various information or goods you may want to display.

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