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Maybe this happened to you before…if you don’t add oil to your car or your lawn mower, you are soon going to soon have problems. Why? Because oil isrepparttar magic ingredient that reduces friction.

Inrepparttar 140762 workplace, there can be tons of friction. Asrepparttar 140763 leader, part of your job is to reduce that friction and keep allrepparttar 140764 units working together smoothly. One way to day that is through developing a higher level of trust between yourself and those who report to you. Low levels of trust stifle innovation. If you aren’t trusted, your team will not act as a cohesive unit; they will provide you with excuses instead of answers to problems; they will not seek out new information or ideas, and they will treat any suggestions with suspicion.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many employees and executives spend a good part of their work day documenting their words and actions. People feel that that they need to reverse document everything they do in order to be “covered” in case of a problem. The cost to do this with regard to time lost and money spent is staggering.

Trust isrepparttar 140765 expression of faith that makes it easy to have confidence in another person’s ability to perform well and keep promises. A leader must give his or her word and then stick to it. The moment that he or she does not, all trust is lost.

The Magic And Mystery Of Teams

Written by Len McNally

Discover The Coach Within You

One ofrepparttar three basic roles of leadership isrepparttar 140679 coach or mentor. The best boss is oftenrepparttar 140680 best coach. (See: http://tlc-leadership.com/the_three_faces_of_leadership) In sportsrepparttar 140681 coach is very conscious of his role but inrepparttar 140682 business world most coaching is unconscious or even accidental.

Just as many a dad learned to coach by jumping in with his son's baseball or hockey team or his daughter's basketball team most manager / coaches learnedrepparttar 140683 art through a baptism of fire. In recent years most sports organizations have begun to require some form of certification for coaches but even though there are several national and international organizations of business coaches, there is still no universal standard, even for professionals. The amateurs, encompassing almost every executive inrepparttar 140684 world, forrepparttar 140685 most part don't even realize what they are doing.

I have known executives who were great coaches who looked at me a little oddly when I told them so, but with a little introspection most come to realize that coaching is really what they do. Coaching is simplyrepparttar 140686 process of helping someone to become more ofrepparttar 140687 best he or she can be.

Most executives can improve their coaching skills with just a little effort and guidance from a professional. I'm often amazed atrepparttar 140688 performance increase that happens through focus alone, and focus with analysis, and constructive feedback from someone who knows what to look for -- well, have you ever gone to a golf pro, with a wicked slice that turned out to be simple to cure? I did, after years of playing out ofrepparttar 140689 adjacent fairway most ofrepparttar 140690 time!

Like many things inrepparttar 140691 business coaching is often learned onrepparttar 140692 job. I have learned a great deal about coaching from reading dozens of books onrepparttar 140693 subject but I also learned a lot from working for someone who was a great coach and mentor and I still learn every day fromrepparttar 140694 experience of coaching. You will find that, if you jump in with both feet, you will discoverrepparttar 140695 coach within -- and enjoy it!

So simply recognizing that you are a coach and applying a little of what you know from sports will make a big difference in your performance -- and inrepparttar 140696 performance of your people -- but a little "one on one" with your own coach might be a huge help. Until you get that opportunity, I sincerely hope that some ofrepparttar 140697 tips in this articles will get you started inrepparttar 140698 right direction.

Coaching A Team

Just as in sports there is a huge difference inrepparttar 140699 approach to coaching an individual, such as a golfer or tennis player and coaching a group or team as in baseball or hockey, so too is there a difference inrepparttar 140700 business world. Coaching a true team in business can be a rather complex business, often its even difficult to determine when a group really is a team and when it is not. Forrepparttar 140701 purpose of this discussion I am going to assume we are talking about a true team and trustrepparttar 140702 pieces to fall into place automatically. (Or perhaps with a little coaching?) (See www.tlc-leadership.com/teams_magic_and_mystery )

For a team to be effective, it should be aware that it is a team (most ofrepparttar 140703 time) and all members should be committed to team objectives. Just as a ball player can receive major attention as a base stealer, an individual may stand out on a manufacturing team, but efforts must be seen to contribute to team goals and every one should recognize that every team member is necessary. (Whenever we can get along without someone, we should!)

Atrepparttar 140704 risk of pointing outrepparttar 140705 obvious (experience suggests thatrepparttar 140706 obvious often isn't) every team member should be aware ofrepparttar 140707 team's goals, objectives, and deadlines as well as of his or her role and whatrepparttar 140708 team expects from him or her, and what support resources are available. I am surprised at how often I find that shop floor people and even supervisors have no idea ofrepparttar 140709 goals of their team, department or branch and no idea of how performance is being measured.

The coach must always recognizerepparttar 140710 contribution ofrepparttar 140711 superstar but smaller contributions should also receive recognition and praise andrepparttar 140712 coach should encouragerepparttar 140713 superstar to acknowledgerepparttar 140714 efforts of those who support him as well. It isn't necessary to rave about great performance, it can be quiet and subtle but in many cases it should be public while keeping in mindrepparttar 140715 need to avoid embarrassing anyone. A good standard is to always criticize in private and often praise in public.

Leadership From The Top Floor To The Shop Floor

Another thing I often find is that managers are totally unaware ofrepparttar 140716 extent to which they are emulated by their subordinates. I heard a story about a clerk in a retail store who was called up in front ofrepparttar 140717 store manager after being rude to a customer. When asked for an explanation he shrugged and said, "Well ... that's how my bosses speak to me..." When people are treated with dignity and respect, they tend to treat othersrepparttar 140718 same way, and when they are treated as though they are too stupid to understand basic concepts they dorepparttar 140719 same with others -- and often takerepparttar 140720 attitude home.

I have seen concrete examples of companies where I could spend an hour onrepparttar 140721 shop floor and form a very good idea of whatrepparttar 140722 CEO was like and how he dealt with his senior people.


A Task Force is a Team That Recommends Things. It differs from other teams in several ways. First, and perhaps most importantly, a Task Force usually does not haverepparttar 140723 power or final say so in implementing action. Ratherrepparttar 140724 team examines all possibilities, evaluatesrepparttar 140725 pro's and cons from an unbiased perspective, and presents a report to a decision maker or decision making group with recommendations for action or no action.

A Task Force can be set up to look at one issue only or as an ongoing project to focus on specific objectives. For example a Task Force could be set up to determinerepparttar 140726 future of a specific branch operation in which it might recommend, closure ofrepparttar 140727 branch, sale ofrepparttar 140728 branch, re-equipingrepparttar 140729 branch, changingrepparttar 140730 focus ofrepparttar 140731 branch or even of maintainingrepparttar 140732 status quo. Once it's recommendations have been made -- perhaps torepparttar 140733 board of directors --repparttar 140734 Task Force is disbanded.

In another case a Task Force Could be set up to examine Health and Safety issues in a manufacturing facility in which case pertinent issues and concerns would be examined and evaluated, recommendations could be made on an on going basis for several months to establish broad guidelines and set up a policy and procedure manual andrepparttar 140735 Task Force could remain in existence on an ad hoc basis for several additional months and then be replaced by a Health and Safety Committee (a different kind of team) to oversee developments.

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