Written by Bob McElwain

Here's a hard truth. If you can't write, don't try. Dorepparttar research. Provide every tiny detail. But hire a professional to write your pages.

This costs. But not as much as poorly written copy. Face it. How long do you linger on a badly written site? It simply won't work. Period. Hirerepparttar 129555 help you need or find another line of work.

It's Not Fair

Surfers become more demanding with each passing day. They simply won't tolerate errors on web pages. You can get by with one or maybe even two on an occasional page, but only ifrepparttar 129556 balance is flawless.

At first glance, this seems unfair. Most do not write well. How can such people demand that you do so?

Simple. They do know how to read. And they demand copy that is easy to follow. An error brings a stumble and annoyance. Much of either brings hasty exit.

Your visitors are, after all, volunteering their time to look at your site. Beyond a hasty glimpse at art work, unless it offends, their focus is onrepparttar 129557 content.

That's what they came for. And that's what they want. You will be judged, and quickly, by how well you provide what they are looking for. Andrepparttar 129558 copy simply must shine. People won't linger long unless it does.

Bad Examples Give You An Edge

The abundance of poorly written sites offers opportunity. Put your site together in solid fashion, and you can put a lot of your competition out ofrepparttar 129559 running.

One ofrepparttar 129560 problems onrepparttar 129561 Web is that most pages are self-published. There are no editors protecting against blunders as there are inrepparttar 129562 print media.

As a result, sloppy or bad copy abounds. And if pointed out torepparttar 129563 webmaster,repparttar 129564 response is likely to be, "Hey. I wrote this. And I worked hard. If you don't like it, go away."

The point missed in comments such asrepparttar 129565 above, is that visitors do go away. In great big bunches. They flee from patronizing or self-congratulatory drivel even more quickly.

It's a grave mistake to look at such sites, and assume you can be successful with such copy. Further, there's a hidden assumption you accept when you do so. You accept as fact thatrepparttar 129566 webmaster is "successful." Bad thinking, to put it mildly.

What's Required

You don't have to get fancy. Some who recognize their writing skills are not first rate, tend to become formal, even pedantic, when writing. That is, they put onrepparttar 129567 "top hat and tails." Which is exactlyrepparttar 129568 opposite of what is required. For only great writers can pull such stunts.

You know your Perfect Customer. So just think about what you want to say, and how you would say it to him or her. In your shop. Overrepparttar 129569 phone. Wherever. But just you and your customer. Nobody else.

Chances are you'd chat as you do daily with others. Dorepparttar 129570 same in writing. If this doesn't work, say it out loud into a tape recorder. Then type what you recorded.

In speaking, we use a lot of incomplete sentences. And we have body language reflecting back at us that points out right quick anything not clear,repparttar 129571 misuse of a word, and so forth. But beyond cleaning up these kinds of things, write as you would speak to your Perfect Customer face to face.

To do otherwise, as in pretending to be profound, is to risk all.

Some Writing Tips

Here are some ideas often overlooked. Each notion can be greatly expanded. However, it is not appropriate to do so here. If you'd like more information about writing forrepparttar 129572 Web, visit my site and click Topics inrepparttar 129573 navigation bar torepparttar 129574 left. Then select Writing Skills. You'll find lots of good ideas and references here that may offer just what you need. Now to those tips, ...

Desiging the Virtual Press Kit

Written by Howard Hopkins

When I first began trying to publicize my novels online, I encountered a number of obstacles. First, I write print westerns under a pseudonym, Lance Howard, and ebooks under my own name. This, I quickly discovered, created a bit of confusion. I needed a way to separate Lance Howard from Howard Hopkins, while atrepparttar same time letting folks know they wererepparttar 129553 same author.

I also "paint" ebook covers, design promotional cards, postcards and bookmarks for other writers and needed a way to get this information across without cramming up my signature lines or diluting their impact.

The press kit seemed like a partial answer; that way I could delegate sections for my books, my ebooks and my artwork. Why partial? Well, designing a press kit takes a lot of time and consideration and an author wants to make it look as professional as possible. Yet atrepparttar 129554 same timerepparttar 129555 costs involved can be astronomical. Printingrepparttar 129556 individual elements on quality paper, color, sturdy folders, business cards forrepparttar 129557 inside pocket and postage to send them to various sources add up quick. And while press kits are effective where physical newspapers, magazines, or radio are involved, they don't solverepparttar 129558 problem of online promotion very well. Since I wanted to focus on my ebooks and e-art, that was a quandary.

Enterrepparttar 129559 Virtual Press Kit. I am not sure why I didn't hit uponrepparttar 129560 idea sooner. I had been publishing an electronic magazine for half a year, allrepparttar 129561 while stowingrepparttar 129562 online promotion idea inrepparttar 129563 back of my mind, or slipping individual pieces of it into my publication. While laying out my last issue, those elements suddenly gelled. Why not desing a publication dedicated to promoting my work exclusively. From there it was a short step torepparttar 129564 Virtual Press Kit.

What goes in your kit? Well,repparttar 129565 same elements that go into your printed version: press releases, flyers, a business card, contact information, etc. I will try to take you on a brief tour throughrepparttar 129566 one I created to get you started. From there you can tailor it to your own needs and individual tastes.

I created my Virtual Press Kit for Adobe's PDF, because I hadrepparttar 129567 software for my electronic magazine and because Adobe Acrobat is cross-platformed for Windows and Mac operating systems. However,repparttar 129568 Adobe software is a bit pricey so you can do yours in Word if you prefer. I set mine up using Word 97, so I will gearrepparttar 129569 article towards that program.

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