IDF removes the gloves against Islamic Jihad

Written by Ryan Jones

Inrepparttar absence of Palestinian Authority efforts to disarm and dismantlerepparttar 144222 terrorist infrastructure in accordance with signed peace agreements, Israel Tuesday gave a green light to its security forces to go onrepparttar 144223 offensive against Islamic Jihad.

IDF soldiers arrested over 50 members ofrepparttar 144224 terror group during predawn raids in Judea and Samaria, less than a day after Islamic Jihad gunmen murdered an Israeli motorist in northern Samaria.

The detainees includedrepparttar 144225 local Jenin-area Islamic Jihad commander, who security officials said was involved inrepparttar 144226 manufacture of rockets and in planning a series of attacks against Israeli Jews.

Israel had refrained from acting againstrepparttar 144227 “Palestinian” terror groups outside of arresting “ticking bombs” forrepparttar 144228 past several months, followingrepparttar 144229 announcement of a one-sided ceasefire brokered by PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas.

That ceasefire, however, was marked by unabated Arab aggression against Israel's Jewish population, while Abbas demanded additional Israeli concessions in return forrepparttar 144230 purported truce.

'Road Map won't work cause PA are liars'

Written by Ryan Jones

The US-backed Road Map peace plan had no real chance of success because Israel wasrepparttar only signatory living up to its side ofrepparttar 144221 agreement, former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote recently.

“Diplomacy is important and has a vital role to play [in solvingrepparttar 144222 Israeli-Arab conflict], but its function must be different thanrepparttar 144223 Oslo process andrepparttar 144224 Road Map suggest,” Gingrich argued inrepparttar 144225 summer edition of Middle East Quarterly.

“The focus on Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy cannot work when one side has a leadership that does not deliver on its word.”

The 2008 presidential hopeful noted that “in order for diplomacy to work, negotiators must be honest brokers willing to keep commitments,” an area in which Gingrich notedrepparttar 144226 Palestinian Authority leadership was lacking.

“Diplomacy should not be used as political checkmate while one side keeps its word, andrepparttar 144227 other side willfully disregards its promises to gain political advantage,” he wrote.

Gingrich calledrepparttar 144228 Road Map, which was largely formulated byrepparttar 144229 Bush Administration, a “product of a period of failure now past,” and urged Washington, “It is time to move on.”

He saidrepparttar 144230 basis for Israeli-Arab peace “should berepparttar 144231 destruction ofrepparttar 144232 terrorists,” and that negotiations should cease untilrepparttar 144233 Palestinian Authority fulfilled its decade-old commitment to disarm and dismantlerepparttar 144234 terrorist infrastructure operating out of areas under its control.

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