ICANN Registrar: za-domains for anybody

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

Cologne, 12.10. 2004. ICANN accredited registrar Secura announces today, thatrepparttar company is acceptingrepparttar 108251 registration of za-domains.

The co.za-domains arerepparttar 108252 domains of South Africa. The co.za-domains belong torepparttar 108253 popular domains in Africa.

You cannot register at .za. If your name is not available at co.za, you can also register at org.za.

The com-domain is best for websites that target international markets, while .co.za-domains are best for South African webpages or those with a strong South African reference. This is so because surfer are used to, and you may lose a part of your target group if you deviate fromrepparttar 108254 expected Top Level Domain.

Start process of .eu has started

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The Commission ofrepparttar EUROPEAN COMMUNITY and EURID,repparttar 108250 registry of eu-domains, have signed recentlyrepparttar 108251 contract aboutrepparttar 108252 eu-domains.

EURID reports that,repparttar 108253 Commission will formally notify ICANN ofrepparttar 108254 selected registry operator allowing official negotiations to commence between EURid and ICANN to putrepparttar 108255 eu-domain intorepparttar 108256 root servers.

EURid promises to be looking for a fast conclusion to negotiations with ICANN in order to minimise delays in launching .eu. EURid has always declared that it requires 6-9 months after contractual matters are concluded in order to commence registrations of eu-domains, starting withrepparttar 108257 4-month sunrise period required byrepparttar 108258 European Commission's Public Policy Rules forrepparttar 108259 eu-domain..

EURid tells, that it is currently working onrepparttar 108260 initial Registration Policy for eu-domains to include rules for phased registration (the sunrise period), a Whois policy and Alternative Dispute Resolution for disputes over .eu names. As required underrepparttar 108261 terms of Regulation 733/2002, which providedrepparttar 108262 legal framework for eu-domains, EURid will be consulting withrepparttar 108263 European Commission and other relevant parties on this document.

The registration process of eu-domains consists of a sunrise and a landrush period.

Sunrise Period You should send now to http://www.domainregistry.de/eu.html your applications to secure your rights atrepparttar 108264 new eu-domains. The eu-domains will berepparttar 108265 most important event sincerepparttar 108266 introduction of com-domains.

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