ICANN-Registrar: kr-domains for anybody

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The kr-domains belong torepparttar popular domains in Asia. ICANN accredited Registar Secura announces today, thatrepparttar 108272 company can register now kr-domains for anybody. Secura can register a co.kr-domain or or.kr-domain at once, ifrepparttar 108273 domain name is available. It is not possible to register directly at .kr.

Do you own your own name?

Written by M. May

Do you own yourownname.com ?

How about .net , .org or .biz ?

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Hey, some domain have sold for millions of dollars. Here are some examples:

Business.com $7.5 million AsSeenOnTv.com $5.1 million Altavista.com $3.3 million Wine.com $2.9 million Autos.com $2.2 million Express.com $1.8 million Wallstreet.com $1m Rock.com $1m Websites.com $970,000 Drugs.com $830,000

Here is a site where you can check and see ifrepparttar 108271 domain name you want is available: http://www.quickregister.biz

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