I've Written An Article...Now What Do I Do?

Written by Livvie Matthews

You've finally done it! You've written your article, looked it over, tweaked it ....and looked it over... again and now...you are ready to publish! Now what?

Two things need to be added to your article. A how to publish statement that is added just before your article and your resource box or bio added atrepparttar end of your article.

Here is an example of a how to publish statement:

"Please feel free to publish this article on your web site and/or in your e-book or newsletters withrepparttar 129311 authors resource box included and without any changes torepparttar 129312 article. (Add your contact e-mail)"

If you would like to be notified if they are using your article, add "A complimentary copy of your ezine or notification you are using this article would be appreciated."

Atrepparttar 129313 end of your article is your resource box or bio. This is a powerful marketing tool within itself. Here you want to give your readers valuable information about your web site, yourself and-or your services.

An example using my resource box or bio can be seen atrepparttar 129314 end of this article.

Next, begin submitting your article to article submission sites. These sites are specifically for articles and are where ezine publishers and web masters go for free content forrepparttar 129315 ezines and web sites.

Below are a few sites to get you started. The first few Article Submission Sites are Yahoogroups. You have to be a member ofrepparttar 129316 group and each group will have a subscribe address. Joining and submitting is very easy. Just go to their site and follow from there.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/article_announce http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusiness http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ap-shorts --400 words or less http://groups.yahoo.com/group/free-content

A search on Yahoogroups for article submission sites specific to targetingrepparttar 129317 types of reader you are seeking will generate a multitude of sites to submit to.

The next few groups are specific online sites for submission. Once you are on their site, there are directions for submitting your article. Again submission is very easy.

Become an Expert: Write Articles

Written by David McKenzie

What is one ofrepparttar best ways to become an expert in your chosen field?

It is to write articles onrepparttar 129310 internet.

I have been writing articles online regularly for about 4 years and I am constantly amazed atrepparttar 129311 exposure I get for myself and my online businesses.

I am even more amazed at how little expense is involved in getting this exposure. I outlay no money at all. All it costs me isrepparttar 129312 time to writerepparttar 129313 article and submit it to article resource sites.

Now, after writing articles for years, people refer to me as an expert. It's certainly nice being referred to in that way.

If you are intimately familiar with a subject and write articles regularly about that subject then YOU can become an expert.

Here are some ofrepparttar 129314 direct benefits I have received by being referred to as an expert:

1. Enormous free exposure for myself and my online businesses. By writing free articles I get featured in dozens of ezines.

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