I've Started My Own Online Businesss...Now What? ...by Sonia Colon

Written by Sonia Colon

I've Started My Own Online Businesss...Now What? by Sonia Colon 2003 All Rights Reserved

People ask me this question allrepparttar time! The "Now What" part is what grabbed my attention. There is so much more than just having an online presence. Just because you have a web site does not mean your work is done. You need to constantly promote, promote, and promote.

Is like that old saying "opportunity will not coming knocking at your door, you need to look for it". The same thing basically applies to your online presence success. You need to practically advertise your online business every day. It is well known that it will take at least seven visits to your site byrepparttar 117216 same visitor to perhaps make a sale. Ask yourself these questions:

*What are you doing to keep that visitor coming back?

*Why should someone spend their hard earned money on your product? - Do you offer great customer service? - Do you offer discounts and or specials?

*What makes your products unique?

*When you do have an order, do you follow up?

Persistence, Patience, Dedication - The Nick Martin Interview

Written by Ofa Morgan & Paul Penafiel

Name: Nicholas John Martin aka Nick Martin

Age: 24

Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe)

Business name: LifeStyleNetworker

Business address: http://www.LifeStyleNetworker.com

Business description: Free lead generation and list building system with inbuilt email capabilities.

Q) First of all, can you tell us how you got started in internet marketing and what sparked off Life Style Networker?

A) I first got started with Internet Marketing in May 2000 when I was usingrepparttar internet to search for a job inrepparttar 117215 US. I've always wanted to visit America and try it out for size. One day I fell over an ad withrepparttar 117216 headline "Earn $50.000 in 90 days" and thought hell yeah!

I knew absolutely nothing aboutrepparttar 117217 internet at that time. I had just got my first email address lol. So I pursuedrepparttar 117218 idea of earning $50.000 in 90 days and all I had to do was buy 4 reports and resell them ... The first report told me I had to bulk mail loads of email addresses, so I started searching for a way to do that.

I got enrolled intorepparttar 117219 Internet Marketing Warriors looking for a bulk emailer software. It was there I met my first sponsor Quentin Brown and that's when I learned that harvesting emails and bulk mailing was a no no in Internet Marketing.

From there I started my learning curve. I read everything I could get my hands on and started building my first website. I can't quite remember how I learned about Surf4Hits programs, but it was at that moment I knew they wererepparttar 117220 key to my traffic problems!

At that time there were only a handful of them out there so I joined them all and started surfing like mad.

After some time I thought to myself that there had to be a clever way of advertising these Surf4Hits, so one could build a decent downline in them. And that's how I started thinking about LifeStyleNetworker.

Q) And how long did it take to take it fromrepparttar 117221 idea stage to reality?

A) Wellrepparttar 117222 first version was actually called TTAN (TheElite-TeamUp Advertising Network) and it took me a few days to getrepparttar 117223 first script I had working like I wanted it to.

From there it has been a steady development and lot's of changes have been made to getrepparttar 117224 LSN we see today. I like to think of LSN as my little baby lol. Always tinkering with repparttar 117225 site and coming up with new ideas for it.

Q) Give us an example of a specific challenge you encountered inrepparttar 117226 beginning stages of Life Style Networker. How did you overcome it?

A) My members have definitely helped me a lot! When I was running TTAN, I soon after learned of a site called MoneyLegs and started working that program. I could see that Doug (the owner) had a much more advanced software and I couldn't keep up with such a competitor.

That wasrepparttar 117227 time when I decided to let TTAN go and asked all my members at that time to join me in MoneyLegs.

The response to that really took me by surprise! So many people emailed me and wanted me to continue what I was doing. There were also some who wanted to take overrepparttar 117228 site. That's when I realized how much people liked my idea.

So thanks to my founding members support, I decided to drop TTAN and go even bigger and started work on LifeStyleNetworker :)

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