I'm on the Jesus Diet

Written by Alli Ross

Drawing onrepparttar inspiration of loaves, fish, and wine, a doctor from Florida has published a self-help manual called What would Jesus Eat?. Afterrepparttar 136857 launch of this unique book, Jesus officially joinedrepparttar 136858 US fight against fat. Eating is a lifestyle; a day-to-day routine that should sustain a healthy emotional and mental attitude and pump us with continuous energy. Ok, enough talk, are you ready for my secrets.

What would Jesus Eat?

Jesus ate a Mediterranean style cooking that hasn't changed much inrepparttar 136859 past 2000 years. We know that Jesus ate a lot of fruit, a lot of fish, a lot of whole grains, and that he liked vegetables and olive oil. And lets not forget, every healthy Mediterranean meal is topped off with a wine of your choice. Wine is a valuable part of a healthy diet.

Whole-grains arerepparttar 136860 best form of carbohydrates and pack a powerful energy booster. Next time your atrepparttar 136861 grocery, look for pasta, pancakes, and bread that are made up of whole grains.

Feeling sluggish duringrepparttar 136862 day?

Are eating habits make a large contribution to our energy levels. A balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat eaten at regular intervals will help keep your energy level high. Onrepparttar 136863 other hand, not drinking enough liquids will cause you to feel fatigued and fried and fatty foods can make you feel sluggish. Cookies, candy bars, sodas, and fruit drinks will all deplete your energy levels. Because these foods are loaded with simple sugars, they cause a quick energy boost followed by a prompt decline that will often leave you more drained than before. Caffeine also has this same effect.


Written by Charmaine Saunders

Wellness isrepparttar buzz word for health these days and I like it. It implies a much wider scope of fitness than a balanced diet, regular exercise or a well-toned body. It speaks of an wholistic approach and attitude to living, taking in emotional and psychological factors as well as physical.

So, what does wellness entail?

1/Positive living.

Thought is where it all begins but there must also be practical action in order for a truly positive life to be lived. People often think that `positive thinkingí is fantasy-land, especially inrepparttar 136801 current world climate. It would be if this philosophy only encourages generic, bland attitudes but, in actual fact, positive thinking is about awareness and aliveness, not burying oneís head inrepparttar 136802 sand. It is a choice, a way of life that truly believes, in all circumstances,repparttar 136803 glass is always `half-full.í Positive life means searching forrepparttar 136804 gift in every and any tragedy; not to smile inanely through adversity but to choose hope over despair.

With this attitude in place, life becomes more prosperous in general, brighter and less fearful. Demons can be vanquished or at least, disabled. A positive life is one in which `badí things can and will still happen but can be overcome more easily withrepparttar 136805 courage and joy that this form of wellness brings.


Health in all its forms is requisite to an overall sense of wellbeing. Itís impossible to feel good if weíre tired, ill, cranky or in pain. Balance isrepparttar 136806 key to this as to many other life-skills. The things that damage health are excesses of all kinds, addictive behaviour, discordant relationships, poor diet, inadequate sleep and lack of physical fitness. As boring as it sounds, moderation is necessary for all forms of wellbeing. We need, each day, to honour our emotional, spiritual and physical needs. We need to feedrepparttar 136807 soul, nourishrepparttar 136808 body and workrepparttar 136809 mind - every day, not just occasionally.

Most of us are taught early in life to dorepparttar 136810 basics like cleaning our teeth, washing our bodies, usingrepparttar 136811 toilet, sleeping and eating but of course, there is more to physical fitness than that. My feeling is `no pain, plenty of gain.í Exercise should be fun, easy and never excessive. If it takes over and becomes punitive then surely weĎve added stress to our daily routines rather than reduced it. So find something that you enjoy doing, whether itís just walking roundrepparttar 136812 block or playing social tennis, and do it regularly.

Emotional needs are catered for better by some than others. Weíre all emotional creatures whether we show our feelings outwardly or not. Letting them flow naturally isrepparttar 136813 secret; itís important not to let them choke on themselves, especiallyrepparttar 136814 ones we find most uncomfortable. Make friends with your darker side, keep working at self-knowledge and be honest with yourself and about yourself. Banish worry as itís a totally useless waste of energy. Be as relaxed as possible every day, develop acceptance and be gentle with yourself.

Spiritual nourishment can come in many forms other than religious practice or meditation. You can feed your soul with poetry, music, nature, love of children and animals, being near water, walking and swimming, being in silence, looking at beauty.

Self-love is a big part of these means to wellness as when you value yourself, you automatically look after your body, feed your mind with stimulating conversation, knowledge, reading and ideas, nourish your soul by a variety of pleasurable pursuits, and you will no longer feelrepparttar 136815 need to sabotage your happiness and success by obsolete beliefs and self-defeating behaviours. Negativity of thought, action, attitude and feeling counteracts this. With a positive mind and a healthy body, thereís not much we canít achieve.

A key factor in health is prevention. Taking responsibility for your own health, living pro-actively and not waiting till illness has already struck to improve your health habits. The number of times that people have said to me their cancer or heart disease turned out to be a great gift because it forced them to change their diet, get more sleep, exercise more etc - my answer is why wait till youíre sick to look at these issues?

Oftenrepparttar 136816 alteration to lifestyle is quite minor yetrepparttar 136817 benefits are enormous. For instance, just walking daily, taking Garlic and Vitamin C for prevention of colds and flu and reducing stress can make allrepparttar 136818 difference.

3/Stress management.

We live in stressful times - no-one would dispute this. Recent world events have further heightened our sense of powerlessness andrepparttar 136819 inevitability of change that already has proven to berepparttar 136820 hallmark ofrepparttar 136821 21st century. Thus, itís more essential than ever to develop our spiritual muscles and muster our physical stamina as this exercise called life is getting tougher and tougher to manoeuvre. With added external stress comesrepparttar 136822 need for more internal calm; amidstrepparttar 136823 global turmoil, we need more personal peace.

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