"I'm just me" - An Overview of an Web er.. Designer, Developer, Consultant and Friend.

Written by Andrew Mottershead

I am going to give you a breakdown of my ... er ... work ... playtime .... income ....

I'm a UK based Web Designer, Web Developer, Internet Consultant. I build websites, content management systems and internet solutions for anybody who can afford me. I am a prostitute!! Yes! A prostitute - I use my website to sell my wares and hope thatrepparttar client enjoysrepparttar 118432 result if they decide to pick me up. I like to think of myself as giving good head to a "web enabled userbase". Apparently prostitution isrepparttar 118433 "oldest trade". Well if that's so then I've been doingrepparttar 118434 same as long atrepparttar 118435 internet has been available to home users here inrepparttar 118436 UK.

It's been nearly 8 years since I first logged on torepparttar 118437 internet from my home. Prior to that I'd used gopher servers via mdx.ac.uk as a student inrepparttar 118438 early 90's. Prior to that BBS's were fun. I now find myself working from home as a kind of web dogsbody. Just me, four cats, 2 horses, my son and my amazing partner down here on a 6 acre smallholding in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. I have several titles:

Web Designer

I use this if a client needs me to make images to make their site "pretty". Web design has been written about byrepparttar 118439 Guru's in their ivory mansions. Atrepparttar 118440 end ofrepparttar 118441 day what is it? It's being able to realiserepparttar 118442 clients vision without resorting to cheesy backgrounds and blinking text. Keep it nice and clean.

If your a web designer with a difficult client.. do not do what they want!! Just tell them what they should do or drop them. The previous statement depends on two things:

How much do you KNOW your right?

How much are they're PAYING you?

Most of us now know what is good design..

Creating a Terrific Wedding Website for friends and family.

Written by Chris

Creating a Terrific Wedding Website for friends and family.

Are you about to get married or engaged? Well, it is only fair to tell yourepparttar latest and hottest trend onrepparttar 118431 Internet then. Creating a wedding website using a template. Yes, that is right people are going crazy about adding personal websites torepparttar 118432 Internet. As people live increasingly further distances from each other one way to stay in touch is with pictures, email, and websites. Therefore using a wedding website template to create a website about your wedding has become very popular onrepparttar 118433 Internet.


For example my wife if from Japan and all of her family still lives there. So when we got married we had a dual marriage. We got married for repparttar 118434 first time in Japan andrepparttar 118435 second time here inrepparttar 118436 United States. Well, obviously at both wedding there were some people that couldn’t make it that really wanted to be there. My friends all wanted to come to my wedding in Japan butrepparttar 118437 $800.00 plane ticket made it kind of impossible. Therefore we decided to put up a website about our wedding.


We put uprepparttar 118438 site a few months before we got married in Japan and then updated it after our first wedding ceremony and then a second time when we hadrepparttar 118439 ceremony here inrepparttar 118440 United States. This allowed people on both sides ofrepparttar 118441 world to feel like they participated inrepparttar 118442 ceremony.


So I bet you are probably interested now! It was really fun for us and a lot of people went to our site and wrote sweet comments and sent email and even sent in some ofrepparttar 118443 pictures that they took at our wedding ceremonies.

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