I'm Subscribing, Not Buying Don't Make It Personal

Written by Robert Wardrick

If I'm subscribing to your ezine or newsletter online my email-address should be sufficient. So why do you require* my full name/address/birth date/annual-income/etc? You post a Privacy Statement on your website, but where is my privacy?

Next, I get email from you with a heading "Hello John" but I'm Robert so this must be SPAM, I then hit delete or reply with "Unsubscribe" inrepparttar subject-line.

Old And New Contents for Your eZines & Newsletter

Written by Robert Wardrick

Do you struggle to findrepparttar fresh new content for your ezines and newsletters?

Many of us join online Article Announcement Lists, where hundreds of great articles are posted weekly. However, those articles quickly become "Shareware" among fellow publishers.

Here are some tips to help make your next issues easier, faster and maybe even fun!

First, setup content folders (Business/Travel/Books/ Food/Etc.

As articles are announced cut and paste then all inrepparttar 124355 appropriate folder for future use.

--Publish The Old With The New--

When publishing under a theme, old shareware and new content can compliment each other.

Sample Theme: "Marketing Though The Media"

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