I'm Sorry, Webmaster/Webmistress, But Here's Why I Left Your Site...

Written by John Evans

"I'm Sorry, Webmaster/Webmistress, But Here's Why I Left Your Site..." copyright 2001-02 John Evans

You have to admit that there are some pretty wonderful-looking sites out there. In fact, most of them are really nice. But, there are some that just don't seem to getrepparttar idea.

No, I'm not an EXPERT web designer, but, just like you, I know what I like, and what makes me leave a web site.

So, just for a while, let's pretend that I'm sending an email to..."someone". Andrepparttar 101932 reason for writing is simply to let them know why I didn't visit their site for very long.

Any one, or more, ofrepparttar 101933 examples below could have been used. They would not have been sent to offend anyone, only to let them know that MAYBE it's one ofrepparttar 101934 reasons their sales are not what they expected.

Who knows, it might actually help someone!

1. Winking, blinking, flashing, bouncing, rolling, jumping, twisting graphics. I came to your site because something attracted me to it. But, how can I concentrate on your offer, with all that distraction?

2. Text, or graphics marching across my screen. I didn't come to your site to see how clever you were at web design. If I want to see a traveling marquee, I'll go to a theater.

3. Your site runs way off my screen, and I have to scroll back and forth to read your offer. No, I'm not lazy, I just don't want to wear out my 'scroller'.

4. Long, long paragraphs, that not only have 150 sentences, but run clear acrossrepparttar 101935 screen. Would be much easier to read if you broke it up into many paragraphs, and put into a table that is only half repparttar 101936 screen width.

CHANGE Is Your Best Guarantee Of Job Security

Written by Noel Peebles

When running your own businesses it is usual to have standard procedures and set ways of doing things. Itís called efficiency. After all, itísrepparttar logical way to do things and weíve always done it that way and it works.

The problem is that itís easy to form habits and become very set in our ways. We resist change and so do our staff. The business plods along okay as everything steadily changes around it. Then day by day business gets a bit tougher. Customers become more demanding, competition increases and it becomes harder to make ends meet. We all know what happens next even if it does take a few years untilrepparttar 101931 inevitable end. The fact is it doesnít need to be like that.

As a Manager/Leaderrepparttar 101932 best way to ensure continuing business success and job security is to embrace change. It doesnít matter how big or how small a company is. Without changerepparttar 101933 tendency is to become sluggish, even bureaucratic. Itís easy to loserepparttar 101934 sharp edge and become slow at making decisions and taking action. There isrepparttar 101935 tendency to avoid any situation that might hold evenrepparttar 101936 slightest element of risk.

My advice is to keep your mind open to change allrepparttar 101937 time. Welcome it. Itís only by examining and re-examining your opinions and ideas that you can progress.

Become a champion of change rather than a boiled frog!

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