Hypnosis Cd - Self Confidence

Written by Steven A. Harold

I think it is appropriate to discuss what self-confidence is, before discussing how a self-hypnosis cd may help improve self-confidence.

We, as human beings, do many things on automatic pilot or without having to think too much about it... at least consciously any how. An example would be tying a shoelace. Even though we might have gone through a few years of fashion wearing slip on's, if we needed to, we would not find any difficulty in tying a shoelace. That is because we have done it so many times before that we know just what to do and do not have to give it too much conscious thought. So if you were to ask someone, how confident are you that you can tie a shoelace, they would probably say 'very confident'. They feel confident about it because they have done it many many times before successfully. In fact they now give very little thought to actions required to tie that shoelace as it all happens automatically.

This is a type of self confidence. Knowing something so well, that asrepparttar saying goes, you could do it with your eyes closed or you know it likerepparttar 146459 back of your hand.

When someone says that they lack confidence or have low confidence, they can so easily makerepparttar 146460 mistake of covering their whole life with this description or tag. They might even say 'I never have any confidence in myself'. By saying this out loud to others who will listen, or thinking it to themselves they will be setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy. The label you give yourself orrepparttar 146461 label you accept as being true (whether from a friend, family member, colleague or even from school) will invariably mean that you start to fit yourself to that label, and, can make it your own living reality.

Yet, that person above will be able to do many things with confidence but, and here isrepparttar 146462 big 'but' they will not use these successes and evidence of confidence, as they should be used. They will ignore them or diminish them in some way (e.g. saying "I was lucky") so that they do not contradict this label that they have accepted of having no confidence. Which is a pity because it is only taking a realistic view of what happens in their world, will they then be able to feel more confident about themselves.

It can be quite amazing how someone will say they have no confidence and yet 5 minutes later they will tell you about some amazing things that they do such as talking in front of 10,000 people, or they go mountain climbing. Despite undertaking these events, which ordinarily seem nerve wracking events, they may still say that they have low confidence.

So confidence orrepparttar 146463 lack of it, has a lot to do with how you view yourself. If this isrepparttar 146464 case then really it is down to a perception. Perceptions are not a true reflection of reality all ofrepparttar 146465 time. Often perceptions even between just 2 people can be remarkably different even though these 2 people have in reality, experienced exactlyrepparttar 146466 same thing.

Perceptions arerepparttar 146467 filters we use to process what happens around us. Our perceptions can make us feel good, bad or indifferent. They can give us a boost of energy or deflate us into an anxious and fearful mass. Our perceptions have power.

The Meaning of Life - Not just another dust in the wind theory.

Written by John Dyer

I grew up inrepparttar south inrepparttar 146372 1960's. Married when I was 18 and joinedrepparttar 146373 Army when I was 23. I traveled to Germany then back torepparttar 146374 states where I lived in Connecticut for a while and then Tennessee for 10 years. I am now living in Maine.

Of allrepparttar 146375 traveling I have done in my life I have heard people asking one question constantly. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not. We all want to know "What isrepparttar 146376 meaning of life?" I myself have asked that question a thousand times.

Socrates and Plato and a thousand other deep thinkers of their times have tried to define or explainrepparttar 146377 meaning of life. Each with his own perception and understanding and most times with a very complicated explanation.

It was not until I took up hiking inrepparttar 146378 mountains of Tennessee that I had plenty of time to ponderrepparttar 146379 complexities of this age old question. Being a Christian I was raised to believe certain things and to look at life in certain ways. But as I got older and began studying and searching for myself I began to realize that what I was taught as a child was not as complicated as some would have had me believe.

I always wondered why God would have put us here simply to suffer through this life. After all he does love us and of that I have no doubt. So why then? I studied and pondered and reflected in deep thought just like many have before me, and like them, to no avail.

Then one day while hikingrepparttar 146380 Appalachian Trail in Tennessee I came to a clearing overlooking a valley. It was a clear day withrepparttar 146381 sun shining bright. As I looked out acrossrepparttar 146382 valley I saw an eagle soaring onrepparttar 146383 wind. And as usualrepparttar 146384 thought crossed my mind that it would be really nice to be able to soar like that. Then I thought, do eagles look at us and wish they were like us?

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