Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism and the Truth about the Funky Chicken!

Written by Richard MacKenzie

So what’s Hypnosis? Is itrepparttar Funky Chicken,repparttar 149973 Tina Turner impression or eating a juicy lemon thinking that is a nice ripe peach? In aroundrepparttar 149974 1780’s a European medic called Mesmer began a fascinating journey that would changerepparttar 149975 world of therapy and entertainment forever! This outwardly appearing eccentrically wonderful flamboyant character took his therapy torepparttar 149976 stage and created Stage Hypnosis.

Over two hundred years after this momentous eventrepparttar 149977 world is still saying WOW in amazement to this gracious art. “Hypnotherapy has come so far and I believe that we are now in an age where we now know so much of howrepparttar 149978 mind works and what makes us tick, that it is possible to successfully change our lives intorepparttar 149979 dreams that we wish them to be! During my time as a Hypnotherapist I have enjoyed tremendous results from my clients, I put this down to my main work ethic, which is – When I work with someone my only aim is to help them achieverepparttar 149980 kind of life that they desire through empowerment!” Saidrepparttar 149981 UK’s top Hypnotist, Richard MacKenzie, he followed by saying, “Eventhough Hypnotherapy is a serious mainstream therapy, I believe that it should not forget its roots and separate itself from Stage Hypnosis, but see it as a vehicle to promoterepparttar 149982 wonderful benefits of Hypnosis in Therapy.

stutter help

Written by Stephen Hill

There are many different treatments for people who stutter/stammer. In this article I will describe some ofrepparttar experiences and types of stuttering or stammering therapy people experiment with.

One ofrepparttar 149972 first places people go to when seeking help for a speech impediment is speech therapy. I myself started attending speech therapy atrepparttar 149973 age of five and I continued at different times to attend untilrepparttar 149974 age of eighteen. Now I am sure some people have some very positive experiences and results from this type of therapy, however I was not one of these people. From what I rememberrepparttar 149975 main advice I was given was to slow down my speech and to take a deep breath before starting to speak. When I observed fluent people speaking, I rarely heard them take a deep breath.

Another area people try is hynotherapy. This was something I really wanted to try for myself atrepparttar 149976 age of around nineteen. Unfortunately each session cost nearly as much as my weekly wage at that point of my life. I never managed to experience this form of stammering therapy.

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