Hybrid Tea Roses

Written by Ken Austin

Hybrid tea roses andrepparttar original tea rose arerepparttar 113345 world’s favourite roses and are available in many gorgeous colors.

  1. Hybrid tea roses are amongrepparttar 113346 most beautiful flowers inrepparttar 113347 world. They arerepparttar 113348 florist's rose.

  2. The blossoms are fantastic and each flower can have as many as 60 or more petals. You can not find a more beautiful cut flower.

  3. The fragrance also makesrepparttar 113349 hybrid tea rose an excellent choice to give as a bouquet or to grow in your garden.

  4. Hybrid tea roses are different from other roses because they produce their flowers usually one bloom to a long stem rather than in clusters. Most hybrid tea roses produce flowers duringrepparttar 113350 entire growing season andrepparttar 113351 plants grow 3 to 6 feet tall.

  5. Caring for hybrid tea roses is no more difficult than other roses although you do need to give them special care in colder climates. They are no more or no less pest or disease resistant than other kinds of roses.

Growing Roses

Written by Ken Austin

So you want to grow roses? They are a beautiful choice for your garden and not nearly as difficult to grow as you might think.

  1. Choose a rose that is easy to grow. Some choices might be ‘Sunsprite’, ‘Baby Love’, ‘The Fairy’, ‘Iceberg’, or ‘Flower Carpet’. Also check to see which roses do well in your climate. When choosing a rose think aboutrepparttar colors and fragrance that appeals to you.

  2. Understandrepparttar 113344 soil type and provide good drainage. Use organic matter to make your soil better forrepparttar 113345 roses. Plant your roses correctly and inrepparttar 113346 best place in your garden forrepparttar 113347 rose’s success.

  3. Know how often to water and how much water to giverepparttar 113348 roses. Too much water is not good so develop a watering schedule and stick to it.

  4. Understand howrepparttar 113349 different types of water systems work. You can choose from sprinklers, an underground watering system or a drip irrigation system. It is usually good to keeprepparttar 113350 water offrepparttar 113351 leaves if you live in an area where rose diseases are a problem.

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