Hurricane Cats

Written by Michael LaRocca

HURRICANE CATS Copyright 2005, Michael LaRocca

You like cats, don't you?

Some people don't like cats.

Daddy doesn't like cats. Daddy's best friend, Bill Ball, loves his cats. Their names are Clipper and Keebles.

Clipper and Keebles are large cats, longhaired blurs of gray, ginger, white, brown, and maybe something else. Whenever Daddy visits Bill Ball, they sit onrepparttar porch and drink beer. (The humans, notrepparttar 147848 cats.) A cat always sits on Daddy's lap, purring, and Daddy rubs him.

But remember, Daddy doesn't like cats.

Daddy is 6'4" and around 280 pounds. Bill Ball is 5'9" and 180 pounds, I'd guess. He's about ten years younger than Daddy, and his beard is maybe a foot long. He raises cows. If you saw Daddy and Bill Ball together, you'd never guess you were looking at two millionaires. They like it that way.

When they went to their first Wild Turkey Federation Auction, together of course, Daddy wondered aboutrepparttar 147849 dress code. Suit and tie? He sure didn't want to wear a suit and tie.

"I tell ya, Jim," said Bill. "The last time I wore a tie was in 1964. It was about a foot wide, and it said George Wallace For President."

They wore jeans and T-shirts. They were correct to do so.

But remember, Bill loves his cats.

These cats are rather large, slug-like creatures. But one of them, probably Clipper, is quicker than he looks. The cat (Clipper?) once caught a hummingbird in his mouth. Bill yelled and ran over to Clipper and slapped him onrepparttar 147850 back. Clipper coughed up a single feather, just like in an old cartoon.

One evening, Daddy was patrolling his property. He saw two Mexicans on foot, trespassing. He grabbed his gun and fired at them, then chased them around in his truck shooting and cussing like only he can. They finally escaped throughrepparttar 147851 woods where a truck can't follow.

The next day, Daddy was visiting Bill Ball. One ofrepparttar 147852 cats purred peacefully on Daddy's lap.

"Jim," Bill drawled, "A funny thing happened last night. I was settin' out here onrepparttar 147853 porch, and these two Mexicans come runnin' outtarepparttar 147854 woods. They were scared to death, I tell ya, like they'd seen a ghost. I asked ‘em what was wrong, and they slowed down just long enough to yell at me, ‘El Diablo is after us. El Diablo is comin' to get us.'"

El Diablo is Spanish for "the devil."

Pugs Complete Profile

Written by

Key Facts:

Size: Small Height: 25 - 27 cm (10 - 11 inches) Weight: 6.4 - 8.1 kg (14 - 18 lb) Life Span: 14 years Grooming: Undemanding Exercise: Medium Feeding: Medium Temperament: Lively & cheerful Country of Origin: China AKC Group: Toy Other Names: Carlin, Mops

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Solid, square and compact. Colour: Fawn, black, silver or apricot with a black mask and a black trace alongrepparttar back. There are also black thumb-marks onrepparttar 147736 forehead and black moles onrepparttar 147737 cheeks. Coat: Smooth, short, glossy and fine. Tail: Set high and curled tightly overrepparttar 147738 hip. Ears: Set high, small and fine. 'Button' ears which fold forward are desirable but 'rose' shaped ears folding back are accepted. Body: The body is short, stocky and square with a broad brisket. The ribs are deep and rounded andrepparttar 147739 legs are moderately long and very strong.

Temperament: Cheerful, good-natured, affectionate and people-orientated. Pugs are very sociable and get along extremely well with children, strangers and other dogs. They do like to berepparttar 147740 centre of attention and can become jealous if their owners attention is directed elsewhere. They respond best to gentle-handed training and are sensitive torepparttar 147741 intonation in their handlers voice. Pugs have a good sense of humour despite their serious facial expressions. They make calm indoor dogs and are very pliable and straightforward to care for.

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