Hunger Free Eating - How To Eat Less And Not Feel Hungry

Written by William Bolton

There are many diets, all of which boil down to taking in fewer calories especially ofrepparttar foods, which tend to lay down fat inrepparttar 140506 body. The reason most people become over weight is that they are eating foods that are high in calories and low in bulk and, that they eat too quickly. An easy way to assist any diet is to slow down your eating untilrepparttar 140507 body chemistry appreciates that sufficient food has been eaten and thatrepparttar 140508 body’s needs have been fulfilled. Many foods are very high in calories and very low in bulk. One ofrepparttar 140509 worst examples is crisps and similar snack packets. When looking for snack meals choose food, which requires a great deal of chewing. Ideals are fruits such as apples. The advantage of eating apples is that calories to volume are quite low and they require a certain amount of chewing.

Fat Burners: Are You Wasting Your Money?

Written by Nathan Latvaitis

Fat burners have become very popular in today’s society, especially in America. It seems that everyone is looking for a “quick fix” to their problem…and that is why they, therefore, turn to those “awesome” fat burners where you can just pop a pill and “lose 30 pounds in 10 days!”

However, do these fat burners actually work? Do they actually provide any benefits? Dorepparttar $40-$100 price tags justify their benefits? Here we will investigate some ofrepparttar 140485 claims that they make such as

-increased thermogenesis -decreased appetite -weight loss without exercising -increased energy

However, before I go into any more detail about fat burners, you must understand two important concepts:

Total Daily Energy Expenditure and The Law of Thermodynamics (don’t worry –they’re quite simple).

Everyone has a set number known as “Total Daily Energy Expenditure” or TDEE for short. Your TDEE is how many calories your body uses per day to keep itself going. Pretty much everyone’s TDEE is different, and it changes everyday depending upon how much work your body does that day or if you gained more muscle mass, etc... This number can be affected by such things as genetics, how much muscle mass you have, what you do duringrepparttar 140486 day, etc.

You can get a rough estimate of you TDEE at

Once you understand TDEE, there is another simple concept to understand. This concept is known as The First Law of Thermodynamics (don’t worry – our application of it is simple). This law states:

1. If you eat more calories than your TDEE, you gain weight (this weight can be muscle or fat or a number of other things, but that’s for another article)

2. If you eat less calories than your TDEE, you lose weight (once again, this can really be anything)

3. If you eatrepparttar 140487 same amount of calories as your TDEE, your weight staysrepparttar 140488 same

So, in order to lose fat, you must create some sort of calorie deficit between your TDEE andrepparttar 140489 number of calories you eat. However,repparttar 140490 deficit cannot be too large – otherwise your body will go into starvation mode. For more information on this topic you can check out

Back to fat burners.

--Increased Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is essentially a fancy word for TDEE. Saying that a product will increase thermogenesis is like saying it will increase your TDEE – which would mean that you burn more calories per day. Many ofrepparttar 140491 products in these fat burner’s will increase your rate of calorie expenditure, but not by very much –repparttar 140492 results are minimal.

Here’s an example: A while back I saw an ad touting that their “green tea extract” increased thermogenesis by 4%. Sounds spiffy, eh? Now, let’s take a somewhat normal number for TDEE – 2000 calories/day. 4% of 2000 would be 80 calories per day. If a pound of fat is 3500 calories, this means that you could get rid of an extra pound of fat about every 44 days by taking this supplement!

This small deficit could be easily accomplished many other ways though. For instance, you could eat 10 less wheat thins for a day, or not add mayonnaise to your sandwich at lunch, or just replace soft drinks with water.

Decreased Appetite

When trying to diet (actually, just achieve a calorie deficit), many times people complain that their appetite is holding them back – therefore companies that produce fat burners like to claim that their product “reduces appetite”.

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