Humor on the Net

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Many people who send out promotional email, or have a publication such as an online newsletter, will ask if they should include 'humor". Well, there is no easy answer to this question.

Some will say that "humor" lightens things up a bit, and lets people know you have another side to your personality. They feel it is a refreshing break fromrepparttar serious message you are delivering. Others say it is distracting and should never be used.

So where do you "drawrepparttar 124415 line"?

Humor can be used in two places. It can be withinrepparttar 124416 body ofrepparttar 124417 article or as a "stand alone" item.

Let's first examine "humor" withinrepparttar 124418 body ofrepparttar 124419 article. This can berepparttar 124420 most risky. Unless you have a good sense of humor and good writing skills, you should probably avoid its use. Some of your readers will not have a sense of humor, and could easily take offense at what you say. Especially avoid sarcasm as people may think it is directed at them.

You should also avoidrepparttar 124421 use irony, where you use words to conveyrepparttar 124422 opposite of their literal meaning. Some will not recognize it as irony, and will think you are proposing whatrepparttar 124423 words actually say. This can get you in a lot of trouble.

If you use "stand alone" humor, give it a title such as "Joke ofrepparttar 124424 Day", which clearly separates it from your article. Once again, you have to be careful. Remember, your online publication is onrepparttar 124425 "world-wide web", and will be read by people who may have far different opinions of what is funny and what is not.

Starting an Ezine from Scratch

Written by Brandy Bonnett

Starting an ezine, or online newsletter, is a great way to keep in touch with customers and build your profits. There are many low cost and free ways of building subscribers. Unlike traditional advertising, you can advertise to your list over and over. You can also allow others to purchase advertising in your newsletter.

Several website owners will send you subscribers for free and in turn you will give each subscriber a free one time ad. The disadvantage to this is that some subscribers will unsubscribe as soon as you run their free ad.

To build your newsletter quickly several sites allow you to pay a fee per subscriber. You will usually pay a fee of 20-30 cents per subscriber. This is a great way to build your ezine,repparttar downside is that it is expensive.

One ofrepparttar 124414 best ways to build your ezine is to write

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