Hummingbirds - Jewels of the Air

Written by Tammy Clayton

“Of all animated beings,repparttar hummingbird isrepparttar 113330 most elegant in form,repparttar 113331 most brilliant in color. The precious stones and metals to which our art lends polish are not compared to this gem of Nature, whose masterpiecerepparttar 113332 little bird represents. She has loaded it with allrepparttar 113333 gifts of which she has given other birds only a share... The emerald,repparttar 113334 ruby,repparttar 113335 topaz all glitter in its plumage, which is never sullied byrepparttar 113336 dust ofrepparttar 113337 ground.”

- Comte de Buffon (18th century French naturalist)

Hummingbirds arerepparttar 113338 neatest addition to a garden. Many people try to attract them with red-colored sugar water. Inevitably though trying this method to attract them will allow one highly territorial male to declare that it is HIS FEEDER, unless as a friend of mine did, you provide a whole bunch of spaced out feeders.

Myself, not ever having observed them in this common fashion just accidentally discovered them in my garden. There are all sorts of lists available that attract them. I never really paid any attention to any of this hummingbird attracting. I just planted things solely forrepparttar 113339 color or time of year they bloom or because I likedrepparttar 113340 look ofrepparttar 113341 plant.

One hot afternoon following a thunderstorm, while sitting onrepparttar 113342 porch enjoyingrepparttar 113343 now cooler air, I spiedrepparttar 113344 first hummingbird in my garden. He was enjoying a veritable feast ofrepparttar 113345 Gardenview Scarlet Beebalm right in front of my chair. I had leftrepparttar 113346 front door wide open as no bugs were yet flying to letrepparttar 113347 fresh breeze waft intorepparttar 113348 house. Suddenly he was hovering onrepparttar 113349 porch in front ofrepparttar 113350 door. As I watched, he darted right intorepparttar 113351 front hall. Just as I was poised to rise and go shoo him out, he hummed right back acrossrepparttar 113352 porch and dove intorepparttar 113353 red hanging geraniums.

A few days later, I found his wife inrepparttar 113354 same clump of Beebalm. He flew in and attacked her right insiderepparttar 113355 plant. Beating her with his wings and a fair amount of squeaking and commotion came from insiderepparttar 113356 highly disturbed plant. After several minutes ofrepparttar 113357 wildly waving bloom war, she surrendered and leftrepparttar 113358 plant. He pursued her right aroundrepparttar 113359 corner ofrepparttar 113360 porch, acrossrepparttar 113361 entire back yard and out intorepparttar 113362 woods.

Pretty selfish of him, I thought, what an arrogant old thing. Then he swooped back into view and became a tiny bump as he took up surveillance of his flowers on a high branch ofrepparttar 113363 big Maple onrepparttar 113364 driveway. Back she came again and went intorepparttar 113365 Beebalm.

So I settled back in my chair to watchrepparttar 113366 domestic dispute from a most excellent ringside position. Sure enough, what we had here was a quarrel equal to a married couple over which wallpaper should be hung inrepparttar 113367 powder room. For no sooner had she settled into drinkingrepparttar 113368 spicy nectar than he came charging right back and beat her up again. That wasrepparttar 113369 last time I found her anywhere nearrepparttar 113370 plant in question, evidently two beatings were enough to change her tune of defiance. He wasn’t really all that bad though for a bird guy I suppose, as he did let her have allrepparttar 113371 Phlox and Delphinium she wanted.

Geranium Plants

Written by Linda Paquette

Geraniums Plants

The geranium that brightens your landscape with its brightly colored flowers may be one of two different species. If you successfully over-wintered your geranium, chances are it is an herbaceous perennial fromrepparttar genus Geranium. However, most oftenrepparttar 113329 geraniums that delight us with their profuse blooms are fromrepparttar 113330 genus Pelargonium.

The geranium, which originated in South Africa, made its entrance torepparttar 113331 European continent inrepparttar 113332 1600’s and has been propagated and hybridized ever since. Todayrepparttar 113333 geranium is still amongrepparttar 113334 most popular ofrepparttar 113335 flowering plants. The geranium is a very adaptable flower that is suitable for beds and borders as well as hanging baskets and containers inside or outdoors!

Because there are so many types of geranium, it’s difficult to choose which isrepparttar 113336 most popular type to add to your landscape.

•The common or zonal geranium is typically sold as a bedding plant. They are a compact plant, some having very decorative, distinctly marked two and three colored leaves.

•Ivy leaved geraniums are perfect for window boxes and hanging baskets. Although flower petals are narrower andrepparttar 113337 blossoms less dense than other cultivars,repparttar 113338 ivy leaved geranium is an attractive vining plant that can grow up to three feet long.

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