Hummingbirds … Attracting Those Little Flying Powerhouses

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

It’s early in May a beautiful fairly warm day so I’ve decided to enjoy it and sit onrepparttar front porch.

While relaxing in a rocking chair with my eyes closed, just enjoyingrepparttar 139151 sun and early warmth I begin to hear a sound off inrepparttar 139152 distance.

At first it’s not recognizable, sounds almost like a hum from a model airplane.

As it begins to get louder I’m beginning to think I know whatrepparttar 139153 source of this strange noise is.

I open my eyes and sure enough just as I thought there is a small green colored Hummer hovering right atrepparttar 139154 edge ofrepparttar 139155 porch – coincidentally right where a feeder normally hangs – now I’m not certain but he appears to be looking right at me like he’s trying to tell me “Hey, I’m back, where’srepparttar 139156 food”.

Every year it’srepparttar 139157 same, they show up around Mothers Day and every year I’m always a little surprised to see them and of course not prepared.

Well so much for my relaxing afternoon, it’s time to get outrepparttar 139158 feeders, clean them and make up some food then get them hung.

And so begins another season with these marvelous entertaining little birds.

Attracting Hummingbirds:

Hummers have a good memory they can remember where to find food sources from previous years. However in order for them to remember your home you will first need to let them know about it.

There are two ways to accomplish this, first by planting or hanging flowers that will attract them, second is to have an additional food source such as a hanging feeder that you keep filled with a syrup solution.

Flowers that have red to orange blossom colors are known to attract them but they will visit any color if they discover sufficient nectar.

Blossom shape is also important as this little birds beak is long and tapered, so downward-hanging blossom – Honeysuckle is a good example – are a favorite.

Several other varieties are as follows. These particular flowers are geared forrepparttar 139159 Northeast – where I happen to live – so you will want to check within your region for appropriate blooms.

Perennials: ·Bee Balm ·Salvia ·Foxglove ·Lilac ·Hollyhock ·Forsythia

There are several Annuals that will also satisfy their little palettes.

·Fuchsia ·Impatiens ·Petunia

As these are favorites inrepparttar 139160 use of hanging baskets each summer try hanging several around your home. The most common place of course is on your front porch or on hooks around a deck or patio; another idea is to hang some right from tree branches. I’ve done this and not only dorepparttar 139161 Hummers like them; it also adds color and interest out inrepparttar 139162 yard.

Putting Up A Feeder:

From elaborately decorated glass to simple plastic there are numerous types of feeders to choose from.

I will tell you from experience, I’ve used both –repparttar 139163 decorated one just because it was pretty,repparttar 139164 Hummers really didn’t care – and I ended up with a simple teardrop shaped clear glass container with perches aroundrepparttar 139165 base, it was easy to tell whenrepparttar 139166 solution was low and simple to take apart.

Decorative Garden Accents

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Think of your garden like you would a room in your home. After planningrepparttar shape, tillingrepparttar 139150 soil, choosingrepparttar 139151 right plantsrepparttar 139152 last step is to add those personal touches. And just like indoors this is accomplished with accessories.

What type of accessories or accents you add will depend on what you like and what type of garden you’ve designed. For example in a formal type garden you probably would not add whimsical looking birdhouses or a regal looking statue would look out of place in a cottage style garden.

That being said, nothing is written in stone just as indoorsrepparttar 139153 garden should reflect your personality. Which simply means if you love something use it.

The following are examples of some ofrepparttar 139154 accents that can be used to dress up your gardens.

1)Gates: Whether they are part of an existing fencing system or just free standing, a gate will add an architectural detail. Wooden, iron, plain or whimsically decorated letrepparttar 139155 gate reflect your personality.

2)Gazing Globes: Beginning in Victorian times gardeners have tucked these decorative spheres into their gardens. Available in a wide array of colors and sizes ranging from 10 to 14in, place one on a pedestal and watch how suddenly things begin to look magical.

3)Decorative Planters: Terra Cotta, Stone, Metal or Resin – Plain, Colorful, Textured or a Whimsical piece. Placing decorative planters filled with beautiful flowers within your garden adds interest and a focal point.

These can be moved aroundrepparttar 139156 garden or replanted later inrepparttar 139157 season with new plants.

There are so many types of planters to choose from, just have some fun with them. Also, any container you happen to have whether it’s an old watering can or one lone rubber boot can be made into a decorative container as long as it has some type of drainage.

4)Statues: Choose from Cherubs, Religious Figures, Lions, Birds or Frogs. They can be large or small made of marble, stone or resin. Adding one or several give interest and whimsy to any size garden.

5)Furniture: Place a bench in or near a garden and it immediately says, “Sit, Relax and Enjoy”. Choose materials ranging from Cedar, Pine to Metal, buy something new or scrounge around your attic or basement for an older piece not being used anymore.

6)Birdbaths: A functional and decorative focal point. Most commonly seen birdbaths are shallow simple basins that sit on a pedestal, usually made of cement, porcelain or plastic. Mini versions are becoming popular for placing on patios and walkways.

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