Humble Riches

Written by Deirdre Maigread McEachern

"We come equipped with everything we need to experience a powerful life full of joy, incredible passion, and profound peace. The difficult part is giving ourselves permission to live it." – Deborah Rosado Shaw

Today is a great day to practice slowing down and re-connecting with what you enjoy most in life -- spending time appreciating nature, barbequing with old friends, or expressing yourself through a creative hobby such as painting or gardening. These are what I callrepparttar "humble riches" of life. They don't necessarily cost a lot of money but their "bang for your buck" in terms of your quality of life is huge.

Often when we think of taking steps to improve our quality of life we think about big steps --quitting a job, getting physically fit or moving house. Today I would like to introduce you to another approach. I call it Momentary Contentment. This means not necessarily waiting for one of those perfect times when everything feels completely in alignment and you wouldn't change a thing, but rather, it is recognizing when you feel mostly content. You may have a few worries about your life but nothing so pressing that it stops you from enjoyingrepparttar 138955 humble riches that are available to you here and now.

Recognizing any moments of contentment, be they Momentary or perfect, pulls you back in touch with what is good about your day and your life. It lifts your spirits and naturally shifts your mental state from your anxieties, worries, and concerns to possibilities, appreciation, and gratitude.

Recently I was traveling on a morning commuter bus to Boston. As I was riding along I was worrying about allrepparttar 138956 to-do's ahead of me that day. Just then something caught my eye and I looked outrepparttar 138957 window next to me. What a sight! Beautiful wispy clouds were strewn acrossrepparttar 138958 blue summer sky. The silver glint of a jet was flying across and leaving behind two streams of ethereal white vapor. The tops ofrepparttar 138959 nearby trees were bursting with full, summery green leaves. The vibrant mix of colors looked like a painting.

Telephone Job Interview Prepartion Tips

Written by Nathan Newberger

This career article gives you some common sense advice and tips on handlingrepparttar all important telephone interview.

=================================== TELEPHONE INTERVIEW BACKGROUND =================================== Telephone interviews are quite common in today’s job market. They are offered for a variety of reasons including cost savings, screening of candidates and out-of-town applicants. To successfully navigaterepparttar 138954 phone interview, it is important to have a solid game plan in place for preparation.

The following 8 quick tips will help prepare yourself for a successful call.

=============================================== 8 QUICK TELEPHONE INTERVIEW PREPARATION TIPS ===============================================

1. DO SOME RESEARCH Try to find out who will be interviewing you. Will there be multiple people onrepparttar 138955 call? If possible get their names and titles. Become familiar with these beforerepparttar 138956 call and you will have one less thing to worry about duringrepparttar 138957 call. Try and get some background onrepparttar 138958 interviewer. Any insight you can gain about him/her will allow you to better tailor your responses to makerepparttar 138959 best possible impression.

2. ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS Make a list of your accomplishments, goals and strengths. On another list write out your weaknesses and what you are doing to overcome them. On a third sheet write down why you are interested inrepparttar 138960 company. Think carefully about all of these items as they often come up in interviews.

3. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Never forget that a telephone interview is still an interview. Take time to practice interview questions with friends or family. Ask them to provide honest feedback so you can improve your responses. Mock interview questions can easily be found onrepparttar 138961 internet orrepparttar 138962 bookstore. If you get stuck on a question, sample answers to these questions are often provided as well.

4. DO A SOUND CHECK Duringrepparttar 138963 mock interview, have your friend ask you questions both overrepparttar 138964 phone and in person. Make sure that he/she listens not only for content, but also tone, rate and clarity of your speech. If possible, record yourself speaking. Are you speaking slowly and clearly? Can you easily be heard? Is your voice portraying you as a confident and enthusiastic candidate? If not continue to practice until you are comfortable.

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