Human Origins

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The issue of human evolution going back at least 9,000,000 (nine million) years and possibly even being upright by that time is another ofrepparttar facts which when in my youth seemed totally ridiculous. Actually many mystics said it goes back twelve million years to when what could be calledrepparttar 127612 missing link occurred. The matter of whether we descended from apes is still up inrepparttar 127613 air and more importantly it would appearrepparttar 127614 mystics were right about cross-breeding and shamanistic attunements to affect such things in many life forms. These qualitative or spiritual changes are reflected in an individual’s life as they now proverepparttar 127615 brain itself can evolve and change structure withrepparttar 127616 studies of Buddhist Monks and concert pianists orrepparttar 127617 likes of Hank Wesselmann who was helped by his shaman wife. Hank’s brainwavelength is more controllably able to reachrepparttar 127618 same frequency as psychic surgeons and top Yogis as shown in a University of Illinois study.

I was toutingrepparttar 127619 importance of Flores Island andrepparttar 127620 sea travel technology for years beforerepparttar 127621 recent discovery ofrepparttar 127622 Hobbit-like creature there. Some researchers say it is a cross between a chimp and a hominid. That would dovetail withrepparttar 127623 also currently-being-researched Bonobos who are a cross between a chimp and a gorilla. The Portuguese baby that is half Neanderthal is proof of cross-breeding despiterepparttar 127624 fact that these attunements are not traceable through DNA analysis as I see it. The following excerpt from an article in 2004 does not mention that researchers of human lice are now going on to check pubic lice in order to prove cross mating occurred. There will be debate no matter what they find but I think it speaks to much ofrepparttar 127625 sex magic in Tantra and Dragon or serpent lore including what Sir Laurence Gardner andrepparttar 127626 Rosicrucians have written about.

“But it turns out that DNA analysis shows there are two distinct sub-species of head lice in humans. All overrepparttar 127627 world, except in western North America, they arerepparttar 127628 same. But there is a population of lice alongrepparttar 127629 Pacific coast of North America which have been evolving separately fromrepparttar 127630 rest ofrepparttar 127631 world for about 1.8m years. The only way to make sense of this is to assume that their separate development took place on Homo erectus, who also split off from our hominid ancestors about that time ago.

So how could these lice have reached their present, wholly human hosts? It seems to me that this could only have happened through some act of primal genocide when Homo erectus met Homo sapiens somewhere in eastern Siberia. Lice can only travel between living bodies, or very freshly dead ones. Ifrepparttar 127632 transmission had been from living bodies, we would expectrepparttar 127633 same pattern in bodily lice. It isn't there. Nor is there any trace of Homo erectus in our DNA. Sorepparttar 127634 lice must have come from very fresh corpses and it is hard to suppose that they had died peacefully just beforerepparttar 127635 intruders turned up. The story of "Ebu Gogo" sounds more improving. According to local villagers, these creatures were around until about a century ago: three feet tall, hairy, and speechless, though they could imitate human speech, like parrots. The villagers tolerated them and even fed them, though they would only eat raw food, until they stole and ate a baby. They drove them from their cave with blazing bales of grass. Shortly thereafter,repparttar 127636 villagers themselves moved off and western settlers arrived. The cave whererepparttar 127637 Ebu Gogo lived has not been found. But if it is - and scientists are looking - it might yield some extraordinary remains.

The FR ( Flawed Reason ) Theory

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

FR ( Flawed Reason ) theory is a theory that reason itself is ultimately flawed. That is, at some point Reason breaks down. It is not just a matter of human reason but Reason itself.

FR theory, at least at this stage, does not say that it is certain ( 100 % or 99.99...% takingrepparttar principle of ‘anything may be possible into account ) that Reason is flawed. Rather it is supposed to be probable ( consideringrepparttar 127611 secretive and awesome character ofrepparttar 127612 universe / reality andrepparttar 127613 trust in human abilities that something is seriously unlikely if possible at all ).

FR theory is inferred fromrepparttar 127614 problem of creation ( ofrepparttar 127615 ephemeral / non - eternal / in usual terms, material universe ) andrepparttar 127616 possibility that what seems to berepparttar 127617 eternal or logically necessary aspect ofrepparttar 127618 universe was also thoughtfully / orderly created ( for example,repparttar 127619 order and disorder amongst prime numbers could be a matter of creation ).

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