Fantasy Football: Silver and Black Makeover

Written by Jason Clarke

Have you ever watched one of those home makeover shows whererepparttar ‘crew’ from whatever show it is, takes a seemingly ordinary house or room and makes it into some fantastic dream room thatrepparttar 138644 owner usually is ecstatic about? Al Davis must have watched a few of these shows while his team was sitting home forrepparttar 138645 playoffs and decided he could dorepparttar 138646 same for his offense. He followedrepparttar 138647 same basic premise but spent a little more thanrepparttar 138648 usual show and their ‘crew’ does.

The Raiders offense in 2004 had enough talent to be average, but never really made fantasy owner think, “I’m drafting some Raiders this year!” They finished ranked 18th inrepparttar 138649 league in total scoring offense, scoring an average of 20.0 point per game. They had an offense that could win some games if they played above average defense. Problem was, Oakland finished ranked 30th in total defense so more offense was needed in Raiderland and in a hurry.

The Raiders had some building blocks for a good offense like a strong-armed quarterback in Kerry Collins, a stud of a LT prospect in Robert Gallery, some athletic tight ends in Doug Jolley and Teyo Johnson and a playmaking WR in Jerry Porter. The biggest problem wasrepparttar 138650 fact thatrepparttar 138651 Raiders did not have a guy inrepparttar 138652 backfield that they could handrepparttar 138653 ball to 25 times a game and make a difference. They also needed another receiver to takerepparttar 138654 pressure and coverage off of Porter. Defenses could concentrate on shutting downrepparttar 138655 talented receiver and not worry about getting burned by any ofrepparttar 138656 other Raiders receivers. At times, defenses would drop seven defensive backs into coverage to stop Porter because they had no fear ofrepparttar 138657 Raiders ground game.

What a difference and off-season makes!

The Raiders head intorepparttar 138658 2005 season as, on paper, one ofrepparttar 138659 most improved teams inrepparttar 138660 NFL and possibly one ofrepparttar 138661 most explosive offenses inrepparttar 138662 league as well. Their biggest acquisition, by far, wasrepparttar 138663 trade of LB Napolean Harris and a first round draft pick for Minnesota WR Randy Moss. Moss isrepparttar 138664 biggest playmaker atrepparttar 138665 wide receiver position inrepparttar 138666 game today. He isrepparttar 138667 kind of player that is tailor made forrepparttar 138668 traditional Raiders downfield attack. Opposing defenses are no-longer going to be able to concentrate on shutting Porter down when they have to worry aboutrepparttar 138669 big play ability of Moss. Fantasy Football: The Art of the Value Draft

Written by Jason Clarke

Many fantasy owners believe thatrepparttar key to having a good year in your respective league is to hit on your first few picks in your draft. While it’s true that you have to make those first few picks count to have a chance to compete in a league,repparttar 138643 real great teams are probably built deeper inrepparttar 138644 draft, in rounds five or later. This isrepparttar 138645 area ofrepparttar 138646 draft where you learn who has done their homework and prepared and who just picked up a fantasy magazine on their way torepparttar 138647 draft.

This method is almost an art form of knowing not only what player to pick, but when to pick them. To be informed and have a great feeling about a guy, but blowing that homework and picking him in round 3 negates allrepparttar 138648 work and preparation. Get your studs and stand-bys inrepparttar 138649 first several rounds, then start picking your spots to take guys you feel, or you have been informed about, that should have great years. Take for instance a couple of receivers from this years crop of value players like Andre Davis (CLE) and Terry Glenn (DAL). These players have been, forrepparttar 138650 most part, very consistent performers in this young season. These two receivers have been outperforming many players taken, in most drafts, rounds ahead of them.

Put Andre Davis’ numbers next to Koren Robinson or Chris Chamber’s statistics. You’ll see that Davis has outperformed both of these receivers who were picked higher in most leagues this year. Davis hasrepparttar 138651 advantage on these two in yards and draws even with Chambers in TD’s with two. In one of my leagues, Chambers was drafted in round five and Davis in round ten. And Koren Robinson, who Davis out performs in yards and TD’s, he was taken inrepparttar 138652 fourth round. How’s that for value in a tenth round pick??

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