How your business can save money with VoIP

Written by Louis Philip

Many of you have probably already heard about VoIP, or voice over IP. This is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls usingrepparttar internet. From a consumer standpoint VoIP offers significant savings in monthly phone bills and long distance charges.

However, what you are probably only starting to hear about isrepparttar 142933 significant cost savings that VoIP brings to business's. A recent Business Week article titled "The Power of Us" .htm describesrepparttar 142934 story of a small 35 employee software firm in Palo Alto, Calif. that uses Skype to make 90% of their 2k$ per month long distance phone bill vanish. This is only one of many similar stories.

So how do you get started? Well, you can either start by checking outrepparttar 142935 more than 1100 VoIP providers that exists today, doing a careful analysis of allrepparttar 142936 pros and cons, or you can simply go to and download Skype.

Skype is essentiallyrepparttar 142937 "plug a headset or phone into my computer and it costs me nothing to make telephone calls" option. Skype is free, Skype is easy to use and Skype works. It is completely painless.

Perhaps, if you are like me, you will start using Skype because you want to stop paying for long distance at home. After a while you realize that this would be great atrepparttar 142938 office. Since you are probably sitting atrepparttar 142939 computer anyhow, you will find that it is more convenient to simply talk to a colleague on Skype rather that picking uprepparttar 142940 phone and dialing a number. And that Skype conversation is completely free regardless of where that person is located.. absolutely no cost what so ever!

After you get used to paying nothing for long distance, you will begin discovering some of Skype's other options. As of June, 2005 Skype hasrepparttar 142941 following options:

Seecrets On Website Promotion: The Hard Truths On Writing Free-Reprint Articles

Written by Stan Seecrets

Experts in website promotion all agree on this: get as many inbound links as possible. To achieve this, write free-reprint articles, sent them to major article depositories and soon you will have hundreds, if not thousands of inbound links. That isrepparttar hype,repparttar 142932 razzmatazz. The experiences of this techie turned internet writer may provide some useful pointers.

This author started with a clean website and wrote 5 articles in as many weeks. There is nothing else.

Within a week, this authorís site got a #1 ranking from Google, usingrepparttar 142933 authorís name asrepparttar 142934 keyword and has stayed there during this period. MSN finally gave a #1 ranking after wavering between 8 and 12. For 2 to 3 days, Yahoo ranked it as #1 or #2, after which,repparttar 142935 ranking disappeared altogether.

There are about 100 sites which reprinted these 5 articles. Many did not activaterepparttar 142936 link found inrepparttar 142937 authorís bio. The three major search engines reported a total of 48 inbound links. MSN reported 34 links, Yahoo 13 and Google 1. All in all, this authorís site received about 100 visits from various countries. One article appeared in foreign-language site from Brazil.

Do not be surprised at meetingrepparttar 142938 odd article pirate. This particular website stripsrepparttar 142939 authorís bio, changedrepparttar 142940 title slightly, takerepparttar 142941 whole article in word for word and claimrepparttar 142942 article as his original creation. Looking at this site closely, it is easy to spotrepparttar 142943 various styles of different writers, yet this article pirate claimed authorship of all those articles.

This authorís personal take.

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