How writing and posting free articles impacts on your search engine rankings

Written by Chris K.

In recent times a very worrying trend has emerged of search engines making regular and constant changes in their rules and policies which determine their ranking of websites in search results. This has caused quite a bit of panic and anxiety amongst many webmasters who have been heavily dependent on traffic generated from their search engine optimization efforts.

It is not a pleasant thing to have virtually all your traffic wiped out instantly by a change in your search engine rankings occasioned by changes suddenly made by a search engine. And no matter how mad you get atrepparttar search engines, there is little you can do to changerepparttar 150097 statistics which indicate that well over 75% ofrepparttar 150098 traffic that most sites receive come directly from search engines.

However, there is a secret that an increasing number of webmasters have discovered and are putting to good use. Whatever regular changes search engines instigate, there re some things that never change. For examplerepparttar 150099 number and quality of links to your website or blog still remain a very critical factor in determining your search engine ranking. One ofrepparttar 150100 most effective ways of creating numerous quality links to a website or blog is by using well written, informative articles posted free at various article directories and other relevant sites all overrepparttar 150101 net.

Understanding Search engine optimization and itsí real impact on your website

Written by Chris K.

Search engine optimization is something that nobody with an online presence can afford to ignore.

The main reason for this emerges fromrepparttar fact that well over 75 per cent ofrepparttar 150096 traffic that any website receives will usually come from search engines. Like it or not, search engines are stillrepparttar 150097 favorite method used by most in seeking for information and web.

Research has also clearly shown that most people rarely go beyondrepparttar 150098 first two pages of search results. What this means is that your raking, orrepparttar 150099 order in which you appear in most search engine popular searches will make a huge difference inrepparttar 150100 traffic that you end up receiving at your website or blog.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. It is simply doing various things to ensure that your website or blog features as high up as possible in search engine results in your particular area of interest.

The other important aspect that most people forget is thatrepparttar 150101 search engines themselves are in competition with other search engines to providerepparttar 150102 most detailed and informative content in all searches that are done at their sites. Everythingrepparttar 150103 search engines do in determining rankings are driven by their desire to better other competing search engines.

Understanding this motivation in search engines is important because quite often search engines have been portrayed as having taken decisions that are not understandable and which may appear not to make any sense to those whose search engine rankings drop suddenly and seemingly without any warning.

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